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Random Ramsdom 11/25: Rams' final hopes snuffed out

Headed into Sunday, the Rams hoped to close the season on a run and squeak themselves into the playoffs. Now, the chances of that happening have been flushed down the toilet.

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Monday  Wrap-Up:

--- Chargers vs. Rams highlights ---
Though the Rams lost, the game itself was a pretty solid watch. Relive some of the key moments here.

--- Rams-Chargers officiating review ---
Courtesy of ESPN, this review is much needed.


Upcoming Opponent: Raiders

--- Raiders should consider Sparano as head coach ---
Many Raider faithful would likely want a more glamorous choice, but here's a vote cast to keep Sparano around.

--- Raiders return to practice after beating KC: focused ---
The Raiders beat a team we couldn't, but let's see if their apparent 'focus' in translates to the field yet again on Sunday.

Rod Streater returned to practice, but Murray, who sustained a concussion during last week's game, has yet to be decided upon.


Fisher & Co:

--- Fisher presser highlights ---
It's certainly easier for a coach to field questions coming off of a win.


Draft Tracker:

After their most recent loss, St. Louis is slotted at number six with this offensive lineman.


Around the League:

--- Beckham, Evans highlight eye-popping rookie class ---
Need I say more? Beckham had a catch kids will dream of making.

--- Mallett out for season ---
He may have played the whole game on Sunday, but Mallett tore his pectoral muscle.

--- Forbes: NFL should focus on football ---
Here's a report by forbes stating the NFL should mind its own business and allow the justice system to work.


Division Standings:

1. Arizona, 9-2
2. Seattle, 7-4
3. San Francisco, 7-4
4. St. Louis, 4-7


--- Bailey: gotta keep fighting ---
Stedman Bailey played his part in the efforts on Sunday, but the team didn't get a W.

--- Hill: a lot of things can happen in the game ---
As a veteran, Hill knows he let that last pass get away from him.


Stat of the Day:

Jonas Gray was the first player to score his first four positional TDs in the same game... he was also the first player to not touch the ball the game after doing so.