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Rams-Chargers: The Quick Five


Donald Miralle/Getty Images

Well, that's it folks. The Rams dropped to 4-7 after losing to the Chargers on Sunday and with it goes any realistic possibility of a postseason berth.

Whether or not the Rams pull through down the stretch to improve their previous years' record is to be seen.

red down

Shaun Hill, QB

This is what happens when a team goes all in on a QB (Bradford) and said QB never plays a down. You're looking a veteran backups, rookies, etc. That's not what you want. Now, I'm not sure why you throw the ball on 2nd down at the goal line, considering the Rams are built to run the ball (and still can't, since they have never seriously invested draft capital in an offensive line) it doesn't make sense.

Green Up

Aaron Donald, DT

Donald is still the truth.

Green Up

Stedman Bailey, WR

Yet another big performance from a receiver. But I'll hold my breath until these type of numbers are the norm, not the outlier. Still, Bailey is deep on the depth chart and impressed again after limited play early in the season. The Rams may have something here - hopefully he has more opportunities moving forward.

red down

Greg Robinson, LT

Robinson giveth, Robinson taketh away. Going up against a veteran Dwight Freeney is not going to do anyone any favors. It was a rough outing amongst rough outings for Robinson. He's played poorly the last few games, but the Rams don't really have any choice but to play him. It will be interesting to see how he responds and improves.

red down

Jeff Fisher

After a huge victory, the Rams followed it up with a loss in spectacular fashion. This team competes, I'll give him that, but that's about it. They're almost always underdogs and play up to good teams and down to bad ones. Scheme mistakes give up big plays. Penalties (and seriously, I don't blame the refs on this one. That crew has given up, by far, more penalties than anyone this year and the team should have been prepared to be extra vigilant as a result. They weren't.)

The Rams are likely looking at another losing season and another rebuild - this time without amazing draft capital. Whether or not Jeff Fisher's lease is up is yet to be seen, but back-to-back-to-back losing seasons doesn't instill confidence.