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Monday Night Football Open Thread: Double Header!

Due to a slight dusting of snow in Buffalo, we’ve got ourselves two Monday Night Football matchups this evening...

Leon Halip/Getty Images

The NFL wraps up Week 12 in rather unusual fashion...with two Monday Night Football matchups.  Your regularly scheduled program - Baltimore Ravens at New Orleans Saints - kicks off at 8:15pm ET.  Due to some moderately inclement weather in Buffalo, you’re being rewarded with a double-header!  The Buffalo Bills host the New York Jets...on Ford Field in Detroit. That game kicked off at 7pm EST.

You can catch the Ravens-Saints game, as usual, on ESPN.  If you live in the Buffalo or NY markets, you can watch the Jet-Bills game on CBS.  Otherwise, you’ll have to rely on the Sunday Ticket.  [Hint: Your friends can give you their password and you can watch it on your mobile device].

Neither of these games really have any implication for the Rams, as they won’t face any of the aforementioned teams throughout the remainder of the 2014 season.  They’ve also firmly planted themselves in last place in the NFC West. [Fire up the mock drafts!]

In case you missed it, Jeff Fisher spoke about the Rams disappointing, last-minute loss in San Diego yesterday.

So who ya got tonight?  Can the Saints finally stand pat at home?  Which players are your fantasy squads heavily relying on as we approach [fantasy] playoff time?