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Rams-Chargers: Live Open Thread

The Rams, at 4-6, are clinging to hope to make something of the 2014 season. If they're going to keep that hope alive, it's going to require a win in San Diego.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this is it.

The Rams' next three games, including this one, look like this - at San Diego, home vs. Oakland and at Washington. The Rams have a serious chance at getting to 7-6...if they can get it done today.

That's what's on the line. Relevance in the league. No pressure.

It's going to take a bit of everything, which is what we got against Denver a week ago. Shaun Hill has to manage the game and avoid mistakes. The run game will likely have to carry the day again, moving the chains and making 2nd and 3rd down opportunities much more manageable. And yes, the defense will have to step up and pressure Phillip Rivers and keep everything in front of them.

The Denver win makes that much more realistic. The question is if the Rams can do it twice in a row against difficult AFC West opponents.

Let's see what the Rams can do.