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TST FanDuel League Bigger & Better

The Turf Show Times FanDuel league has expanded to include more entries...which means bigger cash payouts!

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Fantasy football isn't for everyone. Money though? So in the spirit of uniting the stuff we love (football, sports, competition, bragging rights, UNQUESTIONABLE SUPREMACY OVER THE HUMAN DOMAIN) with the stuff we need (hot, sweaty cash), we've got the TST FanDuel league up and ready for week 12.

We expanded the entry pool to 55 entries (up to three per person), and the top 10 now get cash prizes. Each entry is only $5 and you get a $60,000 salary cap to fill out your team. So you've got to figure out if you want to pay big for the assumed big time scorers (Andrew Luck at home against Jacksonville costs you $10.3k this week...) or balance it out so that you don't have any stinkers at the bottom of your roster.

Is it worth taking any Rams against the Chargers for fantasy purposes? Some psycho in the staff predictions had the Rams exploding for 40 points, so perhaps...

In any case, give your best fantasy skills a shot in the league this week! You can sign up by clicking here.