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Rams-Chargers: The Turf Show Times Staff Predicts a Winner

The St. Louis Rams [4-6] head out west in a Week 12 matchup against the San Diego Chargers [6-4]. Can the Rams string together back-to-back wins against AFC West opponents? The Turf Show Times’ staff have their predictions...

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Misone [@MightyOrMisone]

In all honesty the band wagon is rapidly getting full. And maybe its getting a little too full. I heard Vegas has the Rams winning. When was the last time we heard something like that? So far 68% of bets have been placed on the Rams. The world might be grtting a little too excited...and I love it!!!!!

The Rams secondary played its best game in about 4-5 years. Just an absolute great game. The numbers say the Broncos had 368 yards passing, but this is a primary example of when number lie. Judging by those stats the Rams secondary was torched. The truth is the bulk of the yards came on underneath routes that the team allowed Peyton to have. When looking at the big picture this has been the case for much of the year. With a miscommunication or two leading to scores. Why is all of this important for this game? The Chargers are an intermediate passing team. To beat thus defense you have to have some big plays. Every lost has been to a big play or two due to miscommunication, with the exception of Minnesota. Robert Quinn could very well have 2-3 sacks and the defense may walk away with 2-3 interceptions.

Last week I said "this game could prove to be the game where Tre Mason has 100 plus yards from scrimmage." Well say hello to two consecutive weeks. Mason should have a career game as this defense has looked pedestrian lately with their offense exposing them. If they're not defending the lead late they are not the same unit. And with a few key injuries running the ball might be the easiest it has been all year for the Rams. Probably wont be a big day for receivers as theres no need, but Tavon may finally see the end zone in this one. The Chargers defense is slow and theres only one real impact player (Eric Weddle), which might not be enough. Lets just hope Tavon's touchdown isn't called back.

Prediction:  Rams win, 27 - 10

Joseph Stanfill [@papapegasus]

The Rams finally flashed the defense we all knew they had against the Broncos. Philip Rivers is not healthy, and the offensive line of the Chargers isn't either. Ram Defense + Charger Offensive Line = Rams win. I really can't see it turning out any other way. The defensive line will play hell with the Charger backfield. The only thing that scares the hell out of me in this game is Philip Rivers' quick release which hovers around 2.52 seconds. The guys gets the ball out fast, which can backfire on blitz packages which leave linebacker coverage weak. Of course, the Rams were able to nullify Manning who has a release time around 2.34 seconds. This guy is a veteran baller who can flat out play when he's not throwing a hissy fit. If Antonio Gates decides this is a good time to wake up and play football, the Rams could be in trouble. That being said, the strength of the Chargers offense lies in a solid ground game. Ryan Matthews seems to be getting back into the game with 70 yards on just 16 carries last week. Ryan Matthews must eclipse 100 yards against the Rams for the Chargers to have a chance in this one. I don't see that happening. Shaun Hill doesn't have to win this game for the Rams. All he has to do is not lose it for them. For more on that topic click here. The running game is buzzing now that Tre Mason has the rock consistently. I expect that trend to continue as Mason solidifies his #1 spot in the stable. For more on that topic click here. The defense will play lights out in San Diego.

Prediction:  Rams win 28 - 17

DouglasM [@thenovelroad]

Hmm... I'm not really superstitious... But let's look at the facts: Every time I've predicted a Rams win this year, they've lost. It feels so "Bieber-y"? So as I type my thoughts on this upcoming game between the Rams and Chargers, keep in mind two things: First, I'm typing every word using two rabbit feet instead of two fingers ( FYI - Don't try to glue rabbit feet to the end of your fingers; it's hard to do, and people at Walmart just don't understand. Also, Brandon Bate should have known "LIVE" rabbits don't like to type, or have their feet cut off... He called me when PETA knocked on his front door. He says he still hears "rabbit screams" in his sleep?). Second, The lady at "" said I needed to use dark magic, or watch all the Harry Potter movies again, if I want the Rams to win. I went with dark magic, since the Potter movies would make me feel ill for days.

San Diego will rise from their recent funk. Their horrible offensive line will come around and protect Phillip Rivers, who has miraculously recovered from his rib injury in time to throw for 712 1/2 yards against the Rams. Ryan Matthews will shake the ground as he rumbles for 499 rushing yards and 5 touchdowns. For the Rams, Shaun Hill and Austin Davis get hurt on the first two plays of the game. Fisher calls on Johnny Hekker to save the day, but every time he drops back to pass, he punts the ball. On defense, Robert Quinn walks off the field because he heard the "surf's up!" After the game, Jeff Fisher complains the lighting bolts of the Chargers' helmets are real, and why Janoris Jenkins kicked a referee, instead of the football to buy a little "rest time".


P.S. Typing with rabbits' feet tickles

Prediction:  Chargers win, 111'd - 0

EddieP [@iAmEddieP_]

I'm sayin' they win, since I'm going to the game & all.

Prediction: Rams win, 26 - 13

Mike Dietrich [@dvond]

Everything is pointing up for the Rams and poitning down for the Chargers. Rams are off a dominating win against maybe the best offense in the NFL and the Chargers are banged up, have not played well the last few weeks so it looks like it is setting up nicely for the Rams? Not so fast my friends, until Fisher shows that his team can play very well against quality teams in back to back weeks, I do not see this ending well on the road. Manning right from the start settled foe short underneath passes which played right into the Rams defense hands and got away from the run. This will not happen as Rivers will throw deep and test the awful deep coverage of Jenkins/Mcleod. The Chargers will load the box and make the explosive Shaun Hill beat them which I do not think he can on the road.

Prediction:  Chargers win, 24 - 13

3k [@3k_]

I sat inside a boxcar as it charged throughout a tunnel

As fifty-three men sat and waited plowing through that funnel
They waited watching silently and never changed direction
Yet somehow everyone of them had made a course correction.

Prediction:  Rams win, 40 - 20

northwestRAMSfan [@troilus22]

The Rams finally put together 60 minutes of quality football last weekend against the Broncos (other than the 10 second brain fart on Sanders' 42 yd TD). It was definitely a long time coming, as the team had a knack for putting together flat out dominant halves against quality opponents only to fall apart late in games. The time for coulda-woulda-shoulda's is over in regard to those games, now its time to see if this young team can finally develop some momentum. Whether the playoffs are a realistic dream or not is another debate, but the teams first winning record since 2003 sure looks attainable.
The Rams offense could sure use another big game from Kenny Britt, but even so the offensive success will be determined by the success on the ground. Davin Joseph actually looked like an NFL guard last week, if he can keep that up perhaps Mason can get into a groove and put up another 100+ yard day. The Rams offense isn't going to suddenly turn into GSOT 2.0, so the formula we all expected to see prior to the season needs to continue to carry the rest of the year. If the defense can continue to play like they have the past 3 weeks this team can beat ANYONE, as long as Shaun Hill doesn't put them into too many unfavorable positions with turnovers that generate good field position and/or points. If the Rams defense can continue to shut down the running game, they should be able to spring the upset down in San Diego.

Prediction: Rams win, 24 - 13

Papa_Lurch [@Papa_Lurch]

We've seen two Rams teams this year. We've seen them be abysmal and get torched by the likes of the Vikings and Chiefs. On the other side of the coin, they have had games where they play inspired football which has led to them beating 3 of the last 4 teams left standing in the playoffs last year (Denver, Seattle, San Fran). The Rams truly are their own biggest enemy this season. So it's not so much a question about who the Rams are playing, but if they can play to their potential.

That being said, the Chargers are in much the same place as the Rams. They are battling injuries to key players (Philip Rivers and Dwight Freeney among them) and have been extremely streaky. They avoided a 4 game losing streak by beating Oakland last week, but only managed 300 total yards and 13 points against a team that gives up 26.5 PPG. Both teams head into Sunday's game at Qualcomm Stadium looking to start a playoff push, but I see them heading in opposite directions.

Let's not beat around the bush here... the Chargers aren't playing well and the Rams are trying to build momentum off of their most dominant performance in a loooong time. I see this game going the Rams way as long as they can continue to get consistent QB play.

Prediction: Rams win, 24 - 16

Brandon Bate [@NoPlanB_]

I think these are two teams headed in opposite directions.  Over the past few weeks, the Rams’ have started to consistently put it together on defense.  That continues in Week 12, and you’ll get to see plenty of Phillip River on-field and sideline ranting.

The Chargers have lost three of their last four games, and despite an impressive Thursday Night Football win against the Chiefs, four of the Chargers six wins have come against the Raiders [twice], the Jaguars, and the Jets.  As a matter of fact, they’ve only beaten one team with a record above .500 in 2014 [the Seahawks].  We thank you for that.

For the second week in a row, Mike Ditka is taking the Rams.  I’m right there with him.

Prediction:  Rams win, 24 - 20


And there you have staff members like the Rams to win back-to-back games against AFC West opponents.  Two are taking the Chargers to thwart another attempt at the Rams to string two together.  Well sort of...there’s really no telling what’s happened to Doug...

Here’s to another great game, where both sides leave the field unscathed.  Go Rams!