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What Could A QB Do For This Franchise?

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This season has been a clinic as to why the Rams are an extremely frustrating team to be a fan of. They have had huge wins but countered them with epic losses, leaving fans riding a roller coaster of emotions and wondering which team will show on Sundays. Even when the team executes and is winning, fans are holding their breath and waiting for another 4th quarter collapse. Saying that we, as fans, are befuddled would be a massive understatement.

Last week's dominant performance against the reigning AFC Champions is an indication of what this team is capable of. The Defense played inspired, aggressive football and Shaun Hill was able to manage the game effectively and efficiently. Maybe we weren't all delusional for mentioning playoffs at the beginning of the year...

So, with that thought in mind I posed a question to my fellow TST staff members that originated at Peter King's the MMQB : Are the Rams a QB away from getting over the proverbial hump?

Mike D (@dvond)

I think it could get them to 8 maybe 9 wins but to be a good NFL team more things need to change.  Whatever QB is chosen Rams needs an offense that fits that QB needs to be put in.  With this group of coaches,  getting to the level of Packers, Hawks, etc will be impossible, I think a new innovative coaching staff is needed, no more retreads, someone doing their own thing and ahead of the curve.  But Fisher and Co are not going anywhere and the Rams will win just enough to not be able to get a game changer at QB and Wr which is needed

Eddie P (@iAmEddieP_)

Ideally, yes they are a solid quarterback away. Sam Bradford should have been THAT quarterback, but he did not work out. So it is on to the next one. Now for the next one to work, we'd need a new coaching staff to mold him. I do not trust Fisher's  staff (mainly Schotty) anymore.

Brandon Bate (@NoPlanB_)

Part of me [the majority] thinks:

The answer is simple: they absolutely are a solid QB away.  I’ve said it before, but I think a very good QB can lead a [this] team to the playoffs [the same can be said for a very good Head Coach].  One thing the Rams haven’t had during the Fisher/Snead regime is continuity at the QB position.  Sam Bradford was, apparently, the main reason Fisher chose St. Louis.  Not the poorest of his decisions, but it hasn’t panned out.  Bradford's been injured for an entire season [+] now.  Winning a game with a backup QB is plausible.  Winning consistently with one is not.  But hey...let’s fire him!

Why would you ever expect a team - especially one who hasn’t had a winning season since 2003 - to win WITHOUT a quality starting QB? It’s the most important position in all of sports, and the Rams would be wise to make an upgrade in 2015.

Prior to the onset of the 2014 regular season, I gave the Rams a chance at nine wins with a healthy Sam Bradford.  And that was after three and a half years of mediocre play from a No. 1 overall pick, who was coming off a season-ending knee injury.

Do I think the current Rams' squad can win with better QB play?  That question seems silly at this point.

The other part [the minority] thinks:

It is indeed a team sport. Austin Davis, the guy intended to be the 3rd string QB this year - who was cut last year - who will make $570,000 in 2014 - has lead the Rams to as many wins as:

*  Eli Manning [$20.4mil]
*  Jay Cutler [$18.5mil]
*  Matt Ryan [$17.5mil]
*  Cam Newton [$7mil]

So here I am..with no idea what to think...and no pantalonés to cover myself in the cold of winter.

I’ll lean towards drafting a new QB in 2015 though, because Bradford jerseys are played out and I need to believe in something.  Something that a recently fired Brian Schottenheimer cannot destroy.


I think the answer is yes, Rams are a solid QB away from being a very good team. Just going by this year, the Rams have been close (or as they say "in") every game. Consistent QB play would've given them a better shot at winning. Off the top of my head, Davis had a chance to have a game winning drive in 3 games. One was a turnover on downs, other two he threw picks. Add on the disaster in Phoenix...and the defense beat San Fran, while special teams beat Seattle.
I think the answer is yes, but it has to be the right fit QB, not just a good one, cause Andrew Luck isn't getting traded.

Charles Martel (@CharlesMartel19)

The title of the article is a bit misleading. That article correctly addresses the offensive line as well as the quarterback problems and I have to agree completely. Simply adding a QB, no matter how great, won't solve all the problems.

At this point n time, I would have to list the Oline as the problem the Rams are having. Several games this year, could have been won, by simply being able to take charge of the clock via the run game. While a gifted running back is crucial to that idea, so is a dominant offensive line. Passing situations the same. Peyton Manning, arguably the best quarterback of all time, has difficulty while under pressure, how can you expect Austin Davis to do better? The Oline, has to be upgraded. First.

If that happens, the quarterback situation will work itself out. The Rams have three servicable quarterbacks on call- Bradford, Hill and Davis. All are competent (injuries aside, for the moment), with the potential to be more than competent, they simply need to 1 second or so of extra time to find their target.

If the offensive line is addressed properly in the upcoming off-season, the Rams will have no need of a new quarterback.

Eric Nagel (@Eric_nagel)

I'd have to say yes to that question. You look at games this year where the QB played well (be it Davis, or in the Broncos' case, Shaun Hill) and the Rams could/should/did win the game. Consistent QB play at merely a level where turnovers are not a regular occurrence would probably be enough to boost the Rams record by a game or two in the W category.

Of course, the Rams could help an average QB by improving the offensive line, adding new receivers, etc. But QB play is a very real factor in the Rams record so far this year.

Papa_Lurch (@Papa_Lurch)

The obvious answer is yes. It's hard to convince yourself that Shaun Hill or Austin Davis can lift this team to the next level. I want to believe that Sam Bradford can be that guy - I really do - but the Rams simply can't rely on him to stay healthy.

If they make a run at a winning record this year, it will be on the strength of the defense, not the offense. The Rams don't need an Aaron Rodgers or Andrew Luck to be Super Bowl contenders. They need a QB that will avoid making mistakes, be effective enough to keep defenses honest, and most importantly stay on the damn field!

So to answer the question more directly... Yes, the Rams are a QB away from being a playoff team in my opinion. Obviously there are holes on the OL to fill, but you can't elevate the team without elevating QB play at this point. If the Rams "QB of the future" can make a positive impact on games as opposed to not losing the team games, the Rams Super Bowl window (at some point this defense will force it open) will arrive sooner than expected.


What do you think?