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Prepping to complete the Octet of Pain: Random Ramsdom Style!

Really awesome haul today folks! Great stuff all around. Here's looking at what the Rams are doing to close the OOP on a high note.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Weekly Check on Playoff Odds | Football Outsiders

The Rams have nearly escaped the "on the clock" section. A win in San Diego could legitimately push the team into the playoff mix

Do the Rams have the best pass rushing duo in the NFL? | Football Outsiders

Awesome breakdown of the Rams DL dynamics. If you have time for only one of these articles, make it this one.

Pass Rush Looks to Harass Rivers | The Sporting News

The Rams pass rush only notched 2 sacks last week, but consistently pushed Peyton Manning out of the pocket. Can they do the same to Chargers QB Philip Rivers?

Welcome Back Legatron | Fox Sports

5-5 on field goals with two 50+ yard bombs has to be a helluva confidence boost.

Will the Rollercoaster Stop? | Fox Sports

The Rams have alternated wins and losses for the past 6 weeks. Can they buck the trend?

Chris Long Progressing | STL Today

His status for Sunday is still uncertain.

Ogletree Just Now Getting Into Shape | STL Today

So that's why he was in the dog house

Pressers from Thursday's Practice

Fisher, Schotty, Ogltree, and Mason all featured in post-practice media time.

Rams-Chargers Infographic | St Louis Rams Instagram

Barron to be Used in Attacking Role | The MMQB

You have to scroll down a ways to get to the Rams blurb, but we now have some clarity to our Safety situation.

JL55 Returns to Practice | ESPN NFL Nation

Rams looking slightly healthier heading into the weekend.

Clemens Giving Fellow Chargers Pointers | ESPN NFL Nation

As if Schotty's offense was difficult to figure out.

Rams Want More From Punt Return Team | ESPN NFL Nation

Minus the phenomenal "Mountaneer" punt return, the Rams Punt Returns have been underwhelming...Can Tavon Austin figure it out?

TJ Mac's Ascension has Lifted Rams D | ESPN NFL Nation

The Rams Defense has been carried by youngsters all year. With those youngsters turning into youngSTARS, the Rams D has started to live up to the hype.

The Final Game of the Octet of Pain Has Arrived | ESPN NFL Nation

With a win, the Rams would complete the OOP at 4-4. Just sayin'.... a lot of us thought that would mean playoff aspirations.