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Rams-Chargers: HC Jeff Fisher and OC Brian Schottenheimer Press Conference Transcript

The Rams' head coach and offensive coach discuss the upcoming challenge in San Diego.

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher

(On if practicing outside helps the players appreciate going to play in San Diego)
"No, it’s beautiful. We practiced on the warmer field. This one’s (pointing to practice field on right) is warmer than that one (pointing to practice field in the middle). It was good."

(On if it’s better on the players to practice on the grass fields)
"Much better, yes. We’ll try to come out again tomorrow."

(On how much he and the coaching staff looked at the eight-game stretch referred to as the "gauntlet")
"What we referenced is from a standpoint of we were playing just consistent playoff teams from last year, the only exception was Arizona and we had six or seven straight. That’s always a challenge. We’ve got another opponent this week and they’re pretty good. They’ve played some good ball. They shut the Jets out. Then they had some difficultly down at Miami on a long trip, but they’ve been playing very consistent at home."

[Shaun Hill] sees the game so well. Just from having played so much and being around it for so long. The thing we all saw, he doesn’t hold it very long. The ball’s going to come out. Those guys know to get there head around and look for the ball.- Rams OC Brian Schottenheimer

(On if the mindset is any different after this win despite not being able to post back-to-back wins this season)
"No, we don’t bring it up. Just do your best to get ready to play well this week."

(On how tough it is to cover Chargers TE Antonio Gates in the red zone)
"They really do a good job with him, particularly because they’ve got other weapons in there that can make the big plays down there. If you go one way and you try to create match-ups, he knows where to go. Antonio’s really good at feeling zone defenses in the red zone. He can get to seams and to holes and he’s got really strong hands if the balls there."

(On if DE Chris Long has a chance to be activated for this week’s game)
"He’s getting better each day. We’ll just wait and see how he is tomorrow, but if that’s the case then obviously we’ll have to make a roster move. We’ll see how he is."

(On Chargers WR Keenan Allen)
"He’s very talented. He’s an outstanding route runner, really quick in and out of his breaks. Does all those things you need to do. We did like him coming out. He came on late last season and has been playing well this year."

(On what the return of Chargers RB Ryan Mathews does for their run game)
"He’s a hard runner. He runs with vision, he’s explosive and he can hit a crease and go. That’s the thing that concerns you about him. He’s a tackle breaker as well. He’s got the outside speed and he’s got the inside power to break runs. He’s a good player."

Rams Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer

(On if San Diego is another homecoming for him)
"One of the few places I’ve been, I guess many places I’ve been. Yeah, a lot of great memories there. Both of my kids were born there. Still have some friends on the staff, but yeah I’ll see some family and friends out there. Looking forward to it."

(On who he still knows from the Chargers’ staff)
"(Chargers Defensive Coordinator) John Pagano was with us when my Dad was the Head Coach. He’s been there, I guess, 12 or 13 years now, the D-coordinator. He’s the first one I know. Obviously, (Chargers Head Coach) Mike McCoy, bunch of those guys. John’s probably the guy I know the best on the staff."

(On if he got to know the Spanos family at all)
"Absolutely, yeah. They were good to us. Obviously, had a nice run there. I actually left before my Dad left. Yeah, they were very good to us. We had some good years, some good players. A lot of good memories."

(On how much of QB Shaun Hill’s veteran savvy came into play on third-down)
"I think that’s a big part of it. Most teams get a little bit exotic on third-down, they do some different things to you. You’re trying to find matchups and I think he knew if number one was singled, he was going to try and get the ball in there. Fit it in there and made some good throws. So, I think that’s a big part of it. He sees the game so well. Just from having played so much and being around it for so long. The thing we all saw, he doesn’t hold it very long. The ball’s going to come out. Those guys know to get there head around and look for the ball."

(On if he was surprised by his play and how sharp he looked on the field)
"He did. He really did. Another good week of practice this week, so he’s a pro. He comes in, I’ll see him in the morning before we even do the install and he’s got questions about the stuff that’s going to go in. He gets in early. He’s an early morning guy. It’s been fun. I know he’s enjoying himself and well-prepared. Expect him to play well this week,"

(On if him missing Kenny Britt on the first touchdown attempt was because he was rusty)
"I think early on in the game, the one to (WR) Kenny (Britt) he got surprised. Kenny went inside. We hadn’t planned that so he kind of missed that throw a little bit. It didn’t take him long. We tease him. He threw some ducks out here today. We like to give him a hard time. We call them tight wobbles. He throws some tight wobbles. So, it doesn’t always look pretty."

(On if a tight wobble is better than a loose wobble)
"Yes. It usually stays on track a little bit better. Again, the more he plays the better he’ll be. It’s not always going to look pretty, but it’s always going to be there."

(On why he jokes with Hill a lot)
"He’s just a great guy."

(On if Hill’s the kind of guy he likes to kid with)
"Yeah, no question. He loves to play the game. He’s got thick skin, which is fun. Yeah, just really enjoy being around him. He’s great in the room with the guys. He and (QB) Austin (Davis) they get along great, they communicate. (QB) Case (Keenum) is doing a good job helping those guys prepare."

(On what Hill was like during the eight weeks he wasn’t playing)
"Same guy. Same exact guy. You could tell he was still always prepared. More verbal, more vocal now just because he wants to make sure guys know what he expects. I don’t think they’re surprised by that. They assume a guy with that many years of experience would have some specific things that he wants."

(On how OL Greg Robinson is understanding pass protections and angles)
"He’s getting a lot more comfortable. Obviously, you can teach a couple sets. He’s obviously a great athlete, but I think you watch him fundamentally and how square he’s starting to stay, using his hands. He had a tendency in the past to kind of want to clutch guys and grab them around the outside part of the shoulder pads instead of punching. It’s hard to control and counter a guy when he makes a move. Again, the more repetition he does it. Again, he’s going against the best each week, normally, but I think he’s done a really good job of holding his own. We expect him to continue to get better. So much is a rhythm and timing with his feet and his punch, things like that. That’s hard to develop with drills. You’ve got to actually go out and do it. "

(On if defensively the Chargers are similar to the other teams they’ve seen)
"Yeah, there’s some similarities with what Arizona does. They’re a big, aggressive group. They’re going to pressure a lot. Bring a lot of different pressure combinations. They play a lot of the under-front. Some similarities to Arizona probably with the teams we’ve played the last couple weeks."

(On what does RB Tre Mason do for the consistency of the offense)
"I think No. 1 he gives us the explosives, I think, and he’s got really good instincts. The more he carries it I think he starts to see the cuts develop, can pre-snap some things. See the safeties, how they start to fill. Again, he’s just getting better and better. What we like about it and have noticed more and more is just how strong he is. I think last week he had a couple one-on-ones with a safety and he broke or ripped through the tackle. I think that’s been a pleasant surprise for us."

(On if the kind of blitzes they use are similar to Arizona’s)
"Yeah, they’re really aggressive. They’ll come from a lot of different spots. Most three - four teams, have the ability to come from different spots, bring different people, different combinations. You got to kind of just figure out on the run who they’re going to bring. But, yeah, third-down I think 50 percent pressure, so half the third-downs you’re going to get some form of pressure. Just try to find different ways to get home and get the quarterback unsettled."

(On if it’s not as much as Cardinals’ Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles’ defense)
"It’s a lot. I think Arizona was a little bit more than that. But, it is a lot. I think they’re the highest in one down-and-distance of anybody we’ve played all year."

(On S Eric Weddle and what he does for their defense)
"Great player. Obviously, you see he drives everything. They do a really good job disguising coverages. They move pieces around. He moves things around. He’ll be in the middle of the field and then come running down on a blitz. Just a great player. He shows up. Made a great interception against (Denver QB) Peyton (Manning) in one of the night games out there in Denver. He drives the whole defense in terms of getting them set-up, getting them lined up and letting them be multiple."