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Rams 13, 49ers 10: Death to Football. Long Live Football!

That happened.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

I don't even know what that was.

It was a defensive battle less than it was offensive horror porn. San Francisco's ramshackle offensive line helped the Rams to more sacks in this one game than they had had all season until today.

The Rams finally implemented a workable running plan on the back of rookie Tre Mason. Too bad it coincided with a terrible performance from Austin Davis who too often forgot he was Austin Davis. What made Davis so viable early in te season was that he seemed aware of his limitations and took whatever defenses gave him. Today, he tried to transcend the moment. Austin Davis isn't capable of doing that.

And it wouldn't be a Rams game without some crazy coaching and refereeing. 3rd and 1 with a chance to put the game nearly out of mathematical reach? Pass the ball! Forward progress?




It's fitting this ended on a crazy QB sneak at the goalline with a fumble that was pretty much impossible to determine one way or the other, meaning whatever the refs had called on the field would remain the call.

Football is bad when it is not football.

Oddly enough, that may be what it takes for the Rams to get some big wins this season.

For as bad as I feel about it...I'll take it.