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Former Rams RB Eric Dickerson Thinks Rams Headed to LA

The Rams' RB legend has his finger on the pulse...of something.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

When we last talked about the Los Angeles issue, Governor Jay Nixon announced the task force he had assembled to put together the next proposal for a stadium in St. Louis.

That's the last hard news we'll have for a while. They'll have to provide something ahead of the January 28 threshold when the Rams can/will opt out of their lease, but it's likely coming closer to that threshold than today.

Still, it's worth noting when the story crops up from the far corners of the NFL's & Rams' world as it did today when former Rams RB Eric Dickerson suggested he's heard that the team is moving from "Rams people."

I believe they’re going to come back to L.A....I’ve heard that from Rams people. All the things that I’ve heard is they’ll eventually come back to Los Angeles.

Take that with a metric ton of salt. Who knows who "Rams people" are or when "eventually" is. And of course Dickerson made his mark as a Los Angeles Ram, so he's got more personall attachment to SoCal than EastMo...if that's a thing.

This is going to take some time and drag out throughout the offseason and beyond, perhaps.

Patience and practicality are the watchwords, kids.