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St Louis Rams 2015 Mock Draft: Too Many Cooks?

If you’re not prepared for a heaping helping of 2015 NFL Mock Drafts, the internet probably isn’t the place for you...

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The St. Louis Rams picked up a big win on Sunday, defeating the Denver Broncos 22-7.  Their inconsistent play, however, makes predicting what they’ll accomplish for the remainder of the 2014 season virtually impossible.

And so we mock.

Matt Miller, over at Bleacher Report, released his 2015 first round mock yesterday.  In it, he’s got the Rams picking thirteenth.  Without further ado:

The Pick: Connor Cook, QB, Michigan State
Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook said in an interview that he "intends" to return to college for his senior season. Well, the NFL would really like Cook to come hang out with them instead.

Cook has the arm strength, mobility, vision and upside to really excite NFL teams. And in a quarterback class heavy at the top (Mariota and Winston) but lacking depth, Cook could find himself drafted in the top 15 based on need and his talent. That's tough to say no to.
The Rams have tried Shaun Hill and Austin Davis at quarterback with mixed results, but wins over Seattle, San Francisco and Denver prove this team is close. A fresh young quarterback like Cook might be just what they need.

Quarterback is going to be a popular position of choice for the Rams in upcoming mock draft-ery.  Having lost Sam Bradford for the season [for the second time] with a knee injury, and flip-flopping between Shaun Hill [on a one year deal] and Austin Davis [the UDFA who was recently benched], it just makes sense.

Meanwhile, on Monday SB Nation’s Mocking the Draft released their first round mock.  The went a completely different, somewhat surprising direction.

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