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Random Ramsdom: Playoffs, Anyone?

Can it happen? The long dreamed of playoff appearance for the Rams? Well, technically, yes.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Ok, so our own Brandon Bate wrote an excellent piece on the possibility of the Rams making it to the playoffs this year. Let's lay out a few things that would need to happen...

The Rams actually still have a shot at taking the division.

In order for that to happen…

Rams must win out…obviously. That would make them 10-6 overall, 4-2 in the NFC West

Arizona must lose 5 of remaining 6 (They have 4 Division match-ups yet to play)

San Fransisco would have to lose either 3 games total, OR 2 more, one of which is a divisional game(They have 3 left to play)

Seattle either 3 games total OR 2 more divisional games (they have 5 left to play)

I don’t especially see it happening, but considering that there is a LOT of NFC West action yet to play…you never know. NFC West match ups are always brutal.

For a Wildcard

Winning out might not be necessary, but highly encouraged, in this scenario. It is safe to say that no wildcard team will come out of the NFC South, so there's that. In the NFC North, the Packers and Lions are in a dead heat at 7-3 and in the NFC East you have the same situation with the Eagles and Cowboys. The Seahawks and 49ers both lead the Rams by two games. As my 'ol Pappy used to say, "A whole lotta folks, gotta do a whole lotta losin' fur them Rams to make it to that there what-cha-call-it: "post season."

The wildcard scenario looks like a longer shot to make the playoffs, than the divisional win does, especially since Dallas, Philadelphia and Minnesota(probably not an issue) all have tie breakers on us, not to mention, we have to get past Seattle and San Francisco. Whew!

Most likely, the only game left, where the Rams control their own destiny, wildcard-wise, is the match-up verses Seattle. If things go a certain way, the winner of that game may just determine who keeps playing and who ends their season. For that matter, it may involve teams beyond the Seahawks and Rams. Keep an eye on that one.

Oh, you'll like this...

Rams crack the top 20 in NFL's power rankings -NFL

Yep, finally a little love...warning, it feels weird.

Janoris Jenkins penalty quibble -ESPN

For the record, I think this was a very smart move by JJ. Time was more of an issue than the yardage and he essentially gave the Rams an extra timeout. Reading between the lines, I think Jeff Fisher agrees-

"I could understand him being tired," Fisher said. "With that tempo and that pace and everything and him chasing, playing deep balls and defending deep balls…they were trying to get up on the line and we were trying to get a sub done. As it worked out, we would not have had any problems defensively. You can’t do that. I thought it was an excellent call. You don’t see that very often. For [head linesman] George Hayward to see that and call that was good officiating."

Notice the effusive praise, for such a simple penalty? Now, I am no conspiracy theorist, but...

This years Hall of Fame nominees, has a few names you just might recognize -St. Louis Rams

15 years ago, we were just too busy winning games to think much about it, but the time is now, when more of the Greatest Show on Turf make their way into the sports greatest tribute venue.

Cardinals have been dominant, but their "Sextet of Pain" is coming -Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals can’t complain about the spot they are in after 10 games, not with a three-game lead in the NFC West, a two-game lead over everybody in the NFC and a perfect record in conference play. But there is a reason they would want to focus on a game at a time. Of the six games left, four are on the road. Four are against NFC West opponents, none of which provide an easy game. One of the home games is against streaking Kansas City, which has been playing a lot like a physical NFC West team.

See above criteria for Rams winning the division.

Will Frank Gore be a 49er next year? -NFL

And if not, will Jeff Fisher try to pick him up?

49ers and Seahawks both projected OUT of the playoffs -ESPN Insider [subscription required]

Based on their "advanced metric", neither the 'Hawks or the 9ers will make the playoffs. Doesn't anyone simply watch and learn from the game anymore? I'm old school, I guess.

Keeping an eye on the Packers -Green Bay Packers

The Packers offense has been absolutely insane these last few weeks. If...just sayin' if... the Packers and Rams meet in the playoffs, would it be a case of an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object?

Alright, I have posted this before, but I still say it is the perfect theme music for the Rams defense, when they take the field...Consider it a tribute to last week's performance.

Ram on!