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The Quick Five: Rams vs. Broncos

The Rams stunned the Super Bowl favorites on Sunday and kept their slim playoff hopes alive.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

I'll be completely honest - I was stunned the Rams beat the Broncos. For a team that's so inconsistent, you can't fault the Rams for always playing up; they've beaten 3 out of the 4 conference championship teams of last year. Still, you can't help but wonder, what took so long?

The team finally focused on the run and the results were, average (only one touchdown) but good enough - allowing the defense to stay fresh and control the game. That ideology pretty much sums of Jeff Fisher football. It only took ten weeks, a quarterback switch, an offensive line change (Greg Robinson now starting at LT) and a few injuries for the team to stick to their strengths. Aggravating, confusing, and fun as hell to watch when they steamroll a team like the Broncos.

Manningfaces bring good tidings. Let's do this:

Green Up

Greg Zuerlein, K

Whenever you kick five field goals (on five attempts), you're having a good day. Zuerlein cooled the critics with his monster game. His final, 55 yard field goal shut the door on a Broncos comeback. Bravo.

Green Up

TJ McDonald, SS

I'll be honest - I've kept TJ out of these rankings because I was waiting to see if his play was a fluke. It wasn't. McDonald has been unstoppable in the last few games and looks like another solid draft pick in the later stages of the draft for the Rams. I'm pretty sure he broke some of my ribs on that hit he gave Andre Caldwell.

Green Up

Aaron Donalt, DT

Donald is the truth. That is all.

red down

Janoris Jenkins, CB

Another game, another blown coverage. This time, it was Jenkins' responsibility to cover Sanders. You can't spare Rodney McLeod either, but if any player has failed to stake his claim to a starting spot, it's Jenkins - originally thought to have the talent of a top ten pick. You have to wonder if EJ Gaines and Trumaine Johnson will pass him by.

red down

Brian Schottenheimer, OC

What? But the Rams won! Of course they did. That's because they went with the gameplan this team was built for. It only took the team 10 weeks to figure it out, but with the playoffs a slim, slim possibility, why did it take this long to go with what works?