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Rams 22, Broncos 7 - The Blueprint Finally Works

The Rams built their team throughout the 2014 offseason to win with defense, smart offense and the leg of Greg Zuerlein. Today, the plan worked.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

It almost all went according to plan.

The Rams' relied on a primary RB to get over 100 yards. The QB played smart, managed football without a turnover. The defense was wonderful, limiting the opposing RB to under 30 yards and forcing two interceptions. Greg Zuerlein did what Greg Zuerlein is capable of.

This was the blueprint for the Rams back in July and August as the blueprint formalized for the 2014 season.

It's gone awry far too often throughout the season, but this was how it was supposed to work against any team, including top teams of the talent and pedigree of the Denver Broncos.

That's part of what makes this win so bittersweet.

The Rams are capable of beating just about anyone on their day. They've got the talent in 2014 that they didn't in years past. The problem has been execution and technical implementation. They should be in the mix for the playoffs, but they're just outside the barrel.

It hurts, but it's real. At least today, we saw what it should be. And perhaps for a week, we can picture what it will be...eventually.