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The Turf Show Times FanDuel League is Open!

We've got our own league!

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David Ramos

Well, we've been running the FanDuel spots for a bit now, and they've worked so well we've got our own league.

The first 44 entries in the new TST FanDuel League will get a spot to play for prize money; anyone who finishes in the top 9 gets some kind of prize. And it's only for TSTers!

You can sign up for the TST FanDuel league here.

If you've never played, it's incredibly simple. You get to build a new team from scratch for each week. No forgetting about players on a bye, no missing out because someone else picked up a free's up to you how to spend your budget.

Of course our league has limited slots for this first week of existence, but if it gets filled up, we'll get more slots for more players.....which of course means more prize money.

So give it a shot. Someone's gotta win this week. Might as well be you.