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Random Ramsdom 11/13: Prepping for the Weekend

Your daily dose of all things Rams related

Michael Thomas

Weekly Check on Playoff Odds Draft Probabilities | Football Outsiders

Not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing we won't get a Top 5 pick.

The 'Stache Still Respects #18 |

As he should.

Wagoner and Legwold Discuss Matchup | ESPN NFL Nation

Always worth a read. Good stuff.

Quick's Injury Worse than Team Believed | CBS Sports

Per Fisher, Brian Quick's surgery was 'more involved' than initially thought.

Ogletree Turning Corner | ESPN NFL Nation

Since being benched late in the Kansas City game, Alec Ogletree has steadily improved.

Chris Long Opens Up about Extra Time | ESPN NFL Nation

JOEL9ONE goes a bit power ranking crazy.

Rams Have No Room for Error | FOX Sports

Ya think?

Joe Barksdale Wants to Stay in STL | STL Today

The Rams best OL this season wants his future to stay in St Louis.

Rams a QB Away from NFL Relevance? | The MMQB

According to Greg Bedard...yes.

St. Loiuis Looking at PR Plays

I'd get used to this... City is already going to the court of public opinion

Broncos OL Vulnerable | ESPN

If the Rams are going to make any noise Sunday it will - once again - be on the backs of the DL