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Rams-Broncos: HC Jeff Fisher Opts to Bench Austin Davis, Start Shaun Hill

The Rams are making a switch at QB.

Dilip Vishwanat


That's how you turn to 2015.

It's not an unfair decision though. Austin Davis played horribly for a second consecutive game, especially in Sunday's fourth quarter with two interceptions and a fumble leading to two defensive touchdowns for the Cardinals that put the game away despite the Rams entering that quarter with a 14-10 lead.

There's a bit of a question as to how this affects the gameplan. The Rams have been reticent to lean on the running game this year as they're at a 57:43 pass to run ratio. Hill's reinclusion into the starting lineup may require a buffer from the rushing game so the Rams aren't as reliant on a 34-year old career backup.

At least for Sunday, he's being thrown into the fire against a Denver team that can't afford to lose many games as they push ahead toward the postseason.