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Fantasy Football Free Agent Frenzy Week 11

Need a push for the playoff run? Take a look at our experts best pickups of the week.

Christian Petersen

Welcome to this week's installment of best free agents available in most league this week.  If you are fighting for a playoff spot make a change and take a chance, if you are pretty locked up, get your Rb backups and look at some defenses for weeks 14,15, and 16.  Let's get to this weeks list;

C.J. Anderson - He looked great last week and with Hillman out for 3 weeks and who knows about Ball, this is the chance to take.

Josh Gordon - If he is somehow available, jump on him a week early

Jordan Matthews -  He and Sanchez seem to have a nice connection and should be at least a WR3 the rest of the way.

Robert Griffin -  If you had Palmer or an underachiever he has a nice run of games the next few weeks and has the weapons to succeed.

Mychal Rivera -  He continues to be a favorite of David Carr in a weak Tight End fantasy spot, should be solid the rest of the way.

Jordan Reed - He finally looks to be healthy and as said above he has a great schedule.

Tre Mason - He may have been dropped in your league and will not get touchdowns but at 18 touches a game, not many RB's are getting that volume.

My favorite streaming defenses available this week are; Chargers, Browns, Bills, Vikings.

Have a great week!