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Random Ramsdom 11/11/14: stuck outside the playoffs and the top ten

As has been the case many times recently, St. Louis finds themselves in a predicament no time envies. They're likely to be neither in the playoffs nor able to add a top-flight prospect, namely a quarterback, come the end of the season.

Christian Petersen

Monday Wrap-Up:

--- Despite Palmer's Issues, Cardinals Stay Strong ---
The Cardinals may be questioning that extension now, but, nonetheless, their team has remained strong.

--- Turnovers Curb Chances ---
What looked like a strong performance was quickly dismantled due to several consecutive turnovers.

--- Rams Quick Thoughts ---
A quick look back at some recent Rams' happenings.

--- Cardinals Revisited ---
Let's take a look back at a couple more things that went down against the Cardinals.


Upcoming Opponent: Broncos

--- Broncos Gearing up for Rams ---
The Broncos are getting ready for... the Rams? I don't like the Rams' chances in this one.

--- Osweiler Upset in Blowout ---
Sometimes the right moments get caught on camera -- this is an instance of that.

--- Can the Rams even stop Julius Thomas? ---
Thomas has been amazing this season. The Rams will have to pay full attention.

--- Ronnie Hillman Out ---
St. Louis typically stops teams' primary rushers, but they won't even have to worry about Denver's because he's out.



--- Davis will remain as starter ---
Jeff Fisher reaffirms Austin Davis as starter despite his shaky performance on Sunday.

Player Spotlight: Lance Kendricks

--- Kendrick's 'Illegal' Block ---
A play that turned the tide of the game for certain, but was it really illegal?



--- Offense Continues to Struggle ---
This can't continue. Even if the Rams are likely out of the playoffs at this point, they need to figure out as much as they can lest they desire to be directionless entering next season.

--- Failure to Finish remains an issue ---
It's of the utmost concern. Week in and week out the team refuses to piece together a full game. How is this still possible?


QB Monitor:

--- Austin Davis not the answer ---
Davis hasn't looked anything like the side of himself that drew comparisons to Kurt Warner, Tom Brady or  Drew Brees. What's next for Rams' QBs?


Draft Tracker:

--- CBS Updated Mock ---
The Rams take a WR at number six in the latest mock draft.


Around the League:

--- Fantasy Waiver Wire Pickups ---
Get these hot free agents today as your fantasy leagues wind down.

--- Report: Primetime NFL Games Historically Bad in 2014 ---
No, it's not an exaggeration. Primetime games have been that bad this season.

--- Rodgers Impressive Performance ---
Six touchdowns in one half of football. It was impressive.


Division Standings:

1. Arizona, 8-1
2. Seattle,6-3
3. San Francisco, 5-4
4. St. Louis, 3-6



--- Fisher's Monday Press Conference ---

--- McDonald: you have to finish, it's everything ---

--- Brockers: they have good players who made plays ---

--- Kendricks: I tried to hit him legally ---

--- Dunbar: frustrating ---


Stat of the Day:

Austin Davis threw for 1,129 yards in his first four games as a St. Louis Ram. However, since then, he's thrown only 872 yards in the last five games. In those games, the Rams' points per game has also declined from 21 to 15.8 ppg. Davis needs to get back on track for the Rams to score.


The Twittersphere: