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Monday Night Football: Carolina and Philly Meet in Primetime Clash

Carolina tries to climb the NFC South ladder while Philadelphia tries to stay ahead in the NFC East.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Some Rams relevance here, but more interestingly we could have an interesting Monday Night Football game on our hands.

Carolina, at 3-5-1, would seem to be in the same bucket as the Rams. They're not. They're in the NFC South. A win tonight, and they're right in the thick of the race for the division lead with pacesetting New Orleans at 4-5...yeah, the NFC South sucks this year. The real effect on the Rams' fortunes though is the draft, as the Rams' 2014 season is pointing to next April already. With the tie, Carolina likely won't match St. Louis' final record. That's fine, because with the Rams' strength of schedule, they'll pick after any other team with the same record. So if you're hoping for the Rams to lose big down the stretch and have a legitimate shot at either holding a top five pick or trading up for one, a Carolina win here or there throughout November or December would help significantly.

Philadelphia, for their part, is ready to roll out the Mark Sanchez train. There's a Rams storyline here too as you might remember when Sam Bradford went down, Sanchez was a popular option floated about as a possible addition. The Rams opted to stick with the group who were already familiar with the playbook...and here we are. A stunning MNF performance by Sanchez might throw more fuel on a fire among fans disaffected by the current braintrust.

Plus, hey, it's Monday Night Football. We've only got about a handful of these left. You'll miss em come February.