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Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Texans on the Comeback?

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What looked to have been your standard Thursday Night Football blowout appears to be a ball game. Give us your thoughts on the Colts at Texans matchup.

Scott Halleran

The Colts appeared to put this one out of reach early, going up 24-0 on the Texans in what looked to be another Thursday Night Football blowout.

These TNF games have left a lot to be desired...unless you’re a fan of the winning team.  The smallest margin of victory occurred in Week 1, when the Ravens beat the Steelers by 20.  It’s been 30+ point victories since.

...At any rate, let’s get back to the action.

The Texans have cut the 24-point deficit by more than half. It’s 24-14 with just over 5 minutes heading into the half.

Who you got tonight?  Can the Texans pull this one out?