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Rams-Niners: Pick a 49er...Any 49er...

If you could add one 49er to the Rams' roster, who would it be?

Stephen Dunn

Last week in looking at the Eagles' roster, I plucked Malcolm Jenkins to come in as safety. It felt a bit uncomfortable leaving so much offensive talent out though, so this week I'm picking one from the offense and one from the defense.


The Niners developed one of the better defenses in the league in the last couple of years, but the offense hasn't been unspectacular since Jim Harbaugh arrived. That's largely in part due to Colin Kaepernick who really took off last year, topping 3,000 yards passing, 500 yards running and 20 touchdowns. This year though, it's been a much rockier start. San Fran is 26th in passing yards per game, though they're still getting it down on the ground coming in 3rd in rushing yards per game.

Part of the reason they've been able to get to a 3-2 record despite the passing offense woes is the offensive line, so I'm grabbing Mike Iupati. The two-time Pro Bowler is just 27 and would give us, oh, just slightly better play at RG than Davin yeah. Please. (I would note that Iupati's contract is up this year, so if he tests the free market...this one might actually turn real in a year's time.)


The Niners run a 3-4, so I've got difficulty taking someone out of the front seven. Yes, that includes Patrick Willis who is starting to show signs of decline as he nears the 30-year-old wall. It also includes NaVorro Bowman who's younger, but is coming off of a major knee injury. I was inclined to go with Bowman at first, but like last week, the option to replace Rodney McLeod with a strong talent has me locked up.

Eric Reid is just 22 and notched his first Pro Bowl appearance in his rookie season. Plugging him at the back would free up T.J. McDonald a bit more and release the linebackers a bit. CB Tramaine Brock was an option here too, but the ability to replace Rodney McLeod with Reid was too much to pass up.