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Marshall Faulk Wants the Rams In a Word

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This week's challenge from Marshall: define the Rams in a single word...

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Of all the questions I've taken from Marshall, this one's the easiest.

The 2014 Rams in a word? Sure.


Inconsistent is a defense that holds the Vikings in check for nearly three full quarters and then implodes.

Inconsistent is building a 21-0 lead and blowing it.

Inconsistent is going down 34-7 and yet having the ball with just less than two minutes to score a TD to win the game.

Inconsistent is giving up a touchdown on blown coverage in consecutive games but having one of the best overall passing defenses in the league.

Inconsistent is keeping the lid on Adrian Peterson and LeSean McCoy, doing a better job at limiting DeMarco Murray than anyone else has in 2014, but letting Bobby Rainey toss you around for 144 yards on just 22 rushes.

This is inconsistent: 

ESPN Rams defense

It's the youngest team in the league with a quarterback that still has just three and a half games of NFL experience under his belt.

The Rams, more than any other team in the entire NFL, are the model of inconsistency.

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