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A Football Life: Eric Dickerson

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Are you ready to see the goggles in action?

The Rams have a number of talented players who have played in horns during their existence, so it's not a surprise when they are honored. This Friday, NFL Network will be honoring Eric Dickerson with their series: "A Football Life".

Dickerson was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams and instantly made history, breaking rookie records: most rushing attempts, rushing yards gained, and rushing touchdowns. Dickerson was only a member of the Rams for four years, and he would end up playing for three other teams before retiring.

Here's a quick synopsis that the NFL PR team released about the upcoming episode.

During his 11-year Hall of Fame career, Eric Dickerson was one of the most dominant running backs to ever play the position. As the single-season rushing leader and the seventh-leading rusher of all time, Dickerson’s place in NFL history is unquestioned. Yet, it was the question of what he was worth while he was playing that followed him throughout his career and threatened to overshadow it.

Here's a couple of quotes that will appear in the show.

"There was no envelope in the hand, but was Eric taken care of at SMU? Yeah. Did we buy him the car? No. We may have put gasoline in it but we sure as hell didn’t buy it." – Ron Meyer

"I hated the goggles, don’t get me wrong, but I felt naked without them. Almost like playing without a helmet." – Eric Dickerson

"Basically no, I was not thrilled. But that was the only choice I had so I had to try to act like I was pleased." – Eric Dickerson on being traded to the Indianapolis Colts

The episode will air Friday, October 10th at 9:00 PM ET.