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Random Ramsdom 10/9: Fans Call to Kroenke While Team Prepares for 49ers

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The Rams will host the 49ers on Monday Night Football in Week 6. There are previews, predictions, and updates aplenty!

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Dilip Vishwanat

"Dear Stan Kroenke: Do What’s Right for Your Legacy, Your State and St. Louis."

Jon Gruden explains why the Rams must contain QB Colin Kaepernick to have a chance against the 49ers on "Monday Night Football."

After coughing up a costly fumble in the second half of the St. Louis Rams' loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, running back Zac Stacy did not return to the game.

Many quickly assumed Stacy had been benched for his miscue but there was a press box announcement soon after declaring Stacy's return doubtful because of a calf injury. Upon further inspection, it sounds like the injury wasn't serious enough to keep Stacy from missing more game time.

A local CBS site - based out of Sacramento - hands out orange ribbons to the winners of four players and position groups for this Monday night’s 49ers at Rams matchup.  You’re not going to believe who they pick to win!  Ok, yes you are.

Five weeks into the NFL season and things are starting to take shape. And one area where increased time leads to evaluations less prone to weekly fluctuations is on the offensive line.

Penalties. Dropped passes. Blown coverages. Bad pass protection. Missed opportunities. That about covers things from the Rams’ perspective in wake of their 34-28 loss to the Eagles last Sunday, doesn’t it?

While many in Rams Nation are tired of playing the "Silver Linings" game followed moral victories (i.e. losses), it is important to point out that it is not all doom and gloom on the St. Louis Rams.

The St. Louis Rams have apparently settled on Austin Davis as the starting quarterback for the 2014 campaign in the absence of Sam Bradford, but Davis is making a strong case for 2015 and beyond.

The St. Louis Rams locker room has a few pranksters rolling around. A player can’t even take a nap on the trainer’s table without getting some powder thrown on their back and a tombstone getting thrown up.

Wired, Rams’ OLB Dunbar |  St. Louis Rams’ Official Site

Somebody was amped up for the Philly game...

The St. Louis Rams are celebrating the 15th anniversary of their Super Bowl XXXIV championship during next week's Monday Night Football matchup against the San Francisco 49ers. With that in mind, we're spending this week doing some reminiscing with some of the key players from that team, and we will take a bigger-picture look back later in the week.

We continue the series by asking Torry Holt, who was then a rookie receiver starting a dominant career, five questions about that season.

The San Francisco 49ers travel to face the St. Louis Rams this week in a Monday Night Football matchup. This is the 49ers 71st appearance on Monday Night Football, and they are 45-25, with six straight wins to date. Their last MNF appearance was last season's 34-24 win over the Atlanta Falcons, which featured NaVorro Bowman's "Pick at the Stick".

At the quarter season mark four games into the NFL regular season, the St Louis Rams are sitting at 1-3 and last place in the NFC west. This is definitely not the start Jeff Fisher was looking for going into his third season with the team. This was supposed to be the year the Rams finally made it over the hump and would start to play winning football. They need to turn things around quickly if they are going to have any chance at the playoffs in 2014.

Despite falling to 1-3 last weekend, with three quarters of the season still to play including all six divisional games, 2014 is not over for the St Louis Rams. One of the main reasons for fans to remain upbeat is the performance of second year quarterback, Austin Davis.

The St. Louis Rams were a top-three defense in sacks last year, which is a drastic difference from this season, only producing one as a team through four games.

The San Francisco 49ers travel to face the St. Louis Rams on Monday Night Football, and PFF's Jeff Deeney was kind enough to provide an early preview of the Rams.

Austin Davis finished second in the NFL in passing yards in Week 5.  Not many expected that kind of output from a third string QB.

NFL Network will be airing "A Football Life" featuring former Rams’ Hall-of-Fame running back Eric Dickerson this Friday, October 10, at 9pm EST.  You can watch the preview here.