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Random Ramsdom; What Now?

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1 and 3. Sloppy play, missed opportunities and a seriously tough schedule. What now?

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Week 5 wrap up by Nick Wagoner -ESPN

If you need a bit of a pick-me-up after the Philly debacle, this may be it, all the while keeping things in perspective. There are bright spots.

Like a rock -Sports Illustrated

Jeff Fisher remains unfazed as his team skids to 1-3. I am the last person to advocate panic, but maybe being 'The Rock' right now, isn't the best strategy either.

Monday Night Football in the EJD! -St. Louis Ballpark Village

A key division opponent on Monday night and get is included! All for $50. You can't beat that with a dead horse.

Austin Davis is more than a good quarterback, he is a good guy, as well -St. Louis Rams

"He has a real passion for visiting and encouraging children suffering with serious illnesses," said National Executive Director of Basket of Hope Angela Brunette. "He is very engaging with the kids and loves making them laugh. They warm up to him very quickly and find an instant friend in Austin."

A few startling facts -St. Louis Rams

Prior to Sun, only 2x in Rams history had a QB thrown for 375+ yds w 3+ TD & 0 INT. Warner in 00 vs SD - 390, 4/0 & Bulger 06 vs Was 388 4/0 (tweet from Casey Pearce, Rams Media Information Manager)

Um...why? Are you really thinking that a punter/kicker is any kind of a priority right now?

And if another punter is needed, how about this for a change of pace? -The Unz Review

This guy could be damned interesting in the NFL. I rather wonder why it has never been tried.

The newest Ram. Welcome Will Herring!

And some more info... -Sports Day DFW

He has kicked around the league a bit, not appearing to be much in demand. It is worth noting that he was a special teams captain with New Orleans. It will be interesting to see how this may pan out.

And a bit more... -Arch Authority

This article, includes this little gem...

Perhaps the most beneficial quality that Herring had in selling himself to the Rams was his alumnus, Auburn. The SEC powerhouse, which is the alumnus of general manager Les Snead and head coach Jeff Fisher‘s son, Trent, now boasts five of its products on the Rams’ roster, including running back Tre Mason, offensive lineman Greg Robinson, linebacker Daren Bates, and practice squad wide receiver Emory Blake.

Um...yeah but, none of those guys play?

SHOWDOWN! -Niners Nation

The 49ers are favored by a field goal in this divisional showdown on Monday night. The 49ers fans are confidant and at this moment in time it is hard to blame them. For the Rams, if anything is going to be salvaged this season, the winning needs to

Dennis Dixon becomes a Cardinal -NFL

Carson Palmers recovery from a shoulder injury is not coming along as quickly as hoped and Arizona has added some depth with former almost-every-team-in-the-league quarterback Dennis Dixon. He has the benefit of having worked for Arians before.

Seahawks say mean things after a win...also get their hair pulled -Washington Post

This just may be the most butt-hurt I have ever seen in a major newspaper. Maybe...

And so, I think it is time to hit the dusty trail again. The good news is that I have found the prefect theme song for every Rams fan right now...