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Rams-Eagles: Snap Counts

Did the Rams change up the personnel yesterday?

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports


D Joseph G 74 100.00%
R Saffold T 74 100.00%
J Barksdale T 74 100.00%
J Long T 74 100.00%
S Wells C 74 100.00%
A Davis QB 74 100.00%
J Cook TE 59 79.73%
B Quick WR 58 78.38%
K Britt WR 45 60.81%
B Cunningham RB 40 54.05%
L Kendricks TE 37 50.00%
A Pettis WR 32 43.24%
Z Stacy RB 29 39.19%
C Harkey TE 26 35.14%
T Austin WR 22 29.73%
S Bailey WR 17 22.97%
T Watts RB 5 6.76%

As much as I talked about Zac Stacy, he just wasn't a huge part of the Rams' offensive plans yesterday, even with the late injury. He had the same amount of snaps as Benny Cunningham against the Cowboys and actually had less time yesterday.

Another big drop in playing time? Lance Kendricks. He was around a 2/3rds work rate in the last two games, logging just half the snaps yesterday. You could attribute some of that to the returns of Stedman Bailey and Tavon Austin to the offense.

I do wonder what the intent is of sprinkling Trey Watts in. Not sure that's doing much.

And you have to worry about the usage of Tavon Austin and Greg Robinson. The Rams spent their most valuable draft capital on those two. Austin had the third-lowest workrate and Robinson still can't crack an offensive line that isn't playing well.


T McDonald SS 73 100.00%
R McLeod FS 73 100.00%
J Jenkins CB 73 100.00%
E Gaines CB 73 100.00%
A Ogletree LB 73 100.00%
J Laurinaitis LB 73 100.00%
R Quinn DE 51 69.86%
K Langford DT 49 67.12%
M Brockers DT 47 64.38%
W Hayes DE 46 63.01%
J Dunbar LB 37 50.68%
L Joyner FS 36 49.32%
E Westbrooks DE 27 36.99%
A Donald DT 26 35.62%
A Carrington DT 24 32.88%
E Sims DE 22 30.14%

The Rams rotated their D-line more heavily than pre-bye. Robert Quinn had his lowest work rate while guys like Ethan Westbrooks and Alex Carrington had their highest. Might have been to combat fatigue against the pace of the Eagles' offense. Aaron Donald's snaps were down too leaving more work for Kendall Langford and Michael Brockers.

And LaMarcus Joyner had a lot of nickel work replacing Jo-Lonn Dunbar yesterday. The Rams had been going with three linebackers on the field about 2/3rds of the time before yesterday. Perhaps they weren't as worried about LeSean McCoy and the Eagles' ground game as previous opponnents.

Special Teams

D Bates LB 27 87.10%
R Armstrong LB 27 87.10%
S Bailey WR 21 67.74%
C Reynolds RB 21 67.74%
C Davis FS 21 67.74%
M Roberson CB 15 48.39%
B Cunningham RB 14 45.16%
L Joyner FS 14 45.16%
C Harkey TE 13 41.94%
E Sims DE 12 38.71%
A Bayer TE 12 38.71%
T McDonald SS 11 35.48%
R McLeod FS 11 35.48%
M Person G 11 35.48%
T Barnes C 11 35.48%
J Jenkins CB 10 32.26%
J McQuaide LS 9 29.03%
G Zuerlein K 9 29.03%
J Hekker P 9 29.03%
E Gaines CB 6 19.35%
R Quinn DE 6 19.35%
W Hayes DE 6 19.35%
A Donald DT 6 19.35%
A Carrington DT 6 19.35%
T Watts RB 5 16.13%
D Joseph G 4 12.90%
R Saffold T 4 12.90%
J Barksdale T 4 12.90%
L Kendricks TE 4 12.90%
T Austin WR 4 12.90%
A Ogletree LB 4 12.90%
G Robinson G 4 12.90%

Stedman Bailey got a ton more special work. And Benny Cunningham was back in the ST fold as well. More to come on Greg Zuerlein either today or tomorrow, but I wish he was getting more FG attempts.

And this is your Greg Robinson contribution for the day...