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Rams-Eagles: Game Thread Roll Call

Looking at the most active users in yesterday's game threads.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
Roll Call Info
Total comments 2,116
Total commenters 114
Commenter list 3k, 81 Witness, AussieRam, B_Edelman, BayAreaRamsFan, BirdmanRainH2o, BornwithHorns, BradfordBeliever, Bralidore, Brewce, BrokeCollegeKid, BubbaKincaid, CaliRamsMan, Cameron David Miri, Charlesthe3rd, DJ7561, Da Rookie, DamnChop, Danteslion, DiscoJer, Douglas M, Drew Spinoso, Drmondobueno, EaglesFanForLife, EnglandRam, FailureDrill, FlimtotheFlam, Freewheeler2, G unit Rams, IdGladlySellMySoulJust2KeepTheRamsAlive, Ignacio B, J-RAD2, Jack Kellett, Jae-So, Jas the Mace, Jballa2005, Jesus loves Ewes & Rams, Kavi, Kentrell Jackson, Kevin Valdez, KurtWarner13, LA Champ, LARams1968, Lawllaby, Logos_, LuinRam, Mark Jaramillo, Moises83, NW RamFan, NachoD, Natedogg265, OCRamsFan, Oski Bear, RAMS54, RWRAMS28, Radtrooper, Rainman23, RamFan4, RamSarge, RamStorm, Ramcoholic, Ramfest, Rams62, Rams78110, Ramsfaithful, RomanDeaconMerlin, Ryan4768, Sam D James, SisuRam, Snaughty, SoCalJoe, Ssg.Ray5150VH, Str8t, Tanngnost, Thai, The Rammer, Thomas W, Throw, Will not be defeated, Yes Aye, alaLARams, alexh521, bambamrams, concovan, crushh87, dbcouver, ffgtfgtr, garrett.buckmaster1, hbwb, hex706f726368, howie43, illyistic1, isomerize, joshzachary, jtboy_08, justin.szewczyk, kinzav29, linus98, luvhockey, nickmesenbourg, oldboy1x, oldfartramfan, pacmule, phalanx26, ramdude, ramfan1992, ramsfan37, ramswo85, richromeo21, rosstipher627, spikeram, tntram, waglers, zachmann21
Story URLs
# Commenter # Comments
1 LuinRam 174
2 RamSarge 150
3 Rams78110 105
4 tntram 102
5 LA Champ 101
6 rosstipher627 100
7 FailureDrill 98
8 dbcouver 84
9 Lawllaby 80
10 oldboy1x 57
11 crushh87 55
12 hex706f726368 47
13 richromeo21 42
14 BubbaKincaid 37
15 RAMS54 36
16 Jballa2005 35
17 Ramsfaithful 33
18 Ramfest 32
19 Throw 31
20 Brewce 26
21 J-RAD2 26
22 RWRAMS28 26
23 LARams1968 25
24 FlimtotheFlam 23
25 Jas the Mace 23
26 Ryan4768 23
27 Danteslion 23
28 BrokeCollegeKid 21
29 bambamrams 20
30 BirdmanRainH2o 19
31 nickmesenbourg 17
32 BornwithHorns 17
33 Ignacio B 16
34 linus98 16
35 ramswo85 16
36 hbwb 15
37 jtboy_08 15
38 spikeram 15
39 Mark Jaramillo 14
40 ffgtfgtr 14
41 ramsfan37 13
42 phalanx26 13
43 Freewheeler2 12
44 The Rammer 12
45 zachmann21 12
46 Will not be defeated 11
47 Tanngnost 11
48 Rams62 11
49 Douglas M 10
50 garrett.buckmaster1 10
51 Cameron David Miri 10
52 DJ7561 9
53 Jesus loves Ewes & Rams 9
54 Snaughty 8
55 Thomas W 7
56 Yes Aye 7
57 luvhockey 6
58 CaliRamsMan 6
59 justin.szewczyk 6
60 DiscoJer 6
61 NW RamFan 6
62 B_Edelman 5
63 ramdude 5
64 Jae-So 5
65 DamnChop 5
66 Moises83 5
67 Da Rookie 5
68 alaLARams 4
69 G unit Rams 4
70 Bralidore 3
71 waglers 3
72 Logos_ 3
73 81 Witness 3
74 Rainman23 3
75 RamStorm 3
76 Kentrell Jackson 3
77 Jack Kellett 2
78 howie43 2
79 Drew Spinoso 2
80 Sam D James 2
81 Str8t 2
82 Natedogg265 2
83 BayAreaRamsFan 2
84 Kavi 2
85 KurtWarner13 2
86 isomerize 2
87 Thai 2
88 joshzachary 2
89 oldfartramfan 2
90 NachoD 2
91 illyistic1 2
92 RomanDeaconMerlin 1
93 Kevin Valdez 1
94 BradfordBeliever 1
95 pacmule 1
96 EnglandRam 1
97 Radtrooper 1
98 ramfan1992 1
99 3k 1
100 alexh521 1
101 Ssg.Ray5150VH 1
102 SoCalJoe 1
103 OCRamsFan 1
104 EaglesFanForLife 1
105 kinzav29 1
106 Charlesthe3rd 1
107 AussieRam 1
108 Oski Bear 1
109 Drmondobueno 1
110 Ramcoholic 1
111 IdGladlySellMySoulJust2KeepTheRamsAlive 1
112 RamFan4 1
113 SisuRam 1
114 concovan 1
# Recs Commenter Comment Link
10 rosstipher627 here's a medal
7 LuinRam once players are held accountable.
6 dbcouver I respect Fisher for his time in the league
6 Ramfest More like Yack city
5 Rams62 Two weeks to prepare for this? Sorry Fisher and crew have to go. This is 90% a coaching problem. Especially all the penalties every week. No more excuses
5 Mark Jaramillo Or Mason, or Donald....
5 Will not be defeated Same story
5 LuinRam last year
5 ffgtfgtr Our entire O-Line, apparently.
5 Rams78110 [no title]
4 Jas the Mace You're so pissed you misspelled fuck...that's pissed
4 tntram We were not prepared again
4 Lawllaby This O-line is the bane of my existence.
4 Jballa2005 Why isn't Stacy........
4 Rams78110 On a 1-10 scale, fuck this scale.
4 LuinRam maybe at half we will discover that Joseph and/or Wells have strained their Quad.
4 BubbaKincaid If I owned this team, I'd walk right up to fisher, shitty and Williams and fire them right this fuckin second!
4 Rams78110 Fuck it. Goodbye Fisher. You have no hold on your team, you have no ability to get any production from the talent on this team.
4 oldboy1x [no title]
3 Moises83 need a new coach
3 ramsfan37 so anyone else looking forward to the Raiders game?
3 Will not be defeated I admire your faith
3 ramsfan37 moral of the story
3 Freewheeler2 Walton did better then williams is right now and that is just sad.
3 Rams78110 How about Spanish Flu so at least we'd have an excuse to not field a team
3 Rams78110 So much holding on Quinn again right in front of the ref
3 oldboy1x [no title]
3 rosstipher627 sack city?
3 oldboy1x [no title]
3 RamSarge Refs are kicking themselves for allowing a turnover
3 oldboy1x [no title]
3 LuinRam teams take on the personality of the team leader.
3 Jballa2005 Discipline is this teams.........
3 LuinRam we aren't playing our OL draft pick...
3 richromeo21 Jeff Fisher expeiment is over
3 joshzachary Donald is definitely the biggest issue, at least from what we've seen so far.
3 Cameron David Miri with the first pick in the 2015 nfl draft the st louis rams select.. tackle out of alabama that will never start or have an effect on the team fuck
3 BrokeCollegeKid Man. My boner just fucking vanished bro...
3 RamSarge We need a D-line
3 Throw Oh Screw you Schotty, now you put in Stacy
3 RAMS54 Gotta love the Zebras
3 J-RAD2 Quinn's
3 Brewce I'm not laughing.
3 BubbaKincaid This is the worst organization in all of sports...period
3 hex706f726368 i can't believe this team is still this bad
3 LARams1968 Cook sucks so much he even forgot to drop the ball.
3 oldboy1x [no title]
3 LA Champ yeah, I hate it fellas but
2 rosstipher627 once the checks paid to the refs start bouncing
2 spikeram gaines should play wr
2 LuinRam GAINES!!!!!!!!!
2 LuinRam not the first eagles penalty
2 Brewce That was a passing down and Davis
2 B_Edelman I think that guy in that troll SB Nation video was right...
2 rosstipher627 Our defenders are allergic to opposing quarterbacks.
2 Ramfest Built Ram Soft
2 oldboy1x [no title]
2 richromeo21 A toothless hooker could coach this team better
2 Brewce Rams not giving up
2 Jas the Mace Wow Jenkins elevated all of 5 inches
2 Ryan4768 I'm not mad at all.
2 LA Champ Quick is the truth, the light, the way
2 dbcouver Who is this team we're watching?
2 Charlesthe3rd its getting to the point that
2 Lawllaby Possibly alot better, but the coaches are what's holding this team back. Poor coaching.
2 FailureDrill Right. Put this team in LA and watch what happens.
2 Ignacio B hey, seriously afew moor breaks and we can make it look
2 FailureDrill 4 sacks for the Eagles defense today.
2 FlimtotheFlam I am still confused by the Jenkins penalty
2 richromeo21 Fisher has got to go
2 dbcouver New Yack City Starring Save on Tavon and Davino Sofa
2 hex706f726368 the happiest man on the rams sideline right now
2 linus98 I do
2 Ignacio B great catch, kenny!
2 RWRAMS28 Tavon as usual
2 LA Champ Now Drew, could you repeat that without the racial overtones?
2 Jballa2005 You got to admit......
2 LA Champ We need some turnovers SACKCITY!!!!
2 oldboy1x [no title]
2 BirdmanRainH2o Yay Bam Bam
2 Jballa2005 The 49ers.......
2 oldboy1x [no title]
2 oldboy1x [no title]
2 Ramsfaithful Let's block this punt!
2 oldboy1x [no title]
2 jtboy_08 [no title]
2 Lawllaby We could be 3-1 right now. 2 games we should have won- Cowboys and eagles.
2 rosstipher627 dude please i only have so much liquor in the freezer, and in CT the package stores close in 32 minutes
2 BubbaKincaid No Robinson again...
2 spikeram stopped a 3rd down!!!
2 rosstipher627 tony siragusa please order the salad next time.
2 Lawllaby Well with this shit show, we have absolutely nothing to look for with the next 7 games.
2 Jballa2005 Ya know......
2 richromeo21 Worst game ever
2 LuinRam trust your eyes...
2 linus98 Robinson can't possibly be worse than this...right?
2 oldboy1x [no title]
2 oldboy1x [no title]
2 Kentrell Jackson I'm calling it
2 Kentrell Jackson You can tell...
2 FailureDrill Wasn't that supposed to be the unquestioned strength of this team headed into this season?
2 Throw Im beginning to wonder if part of Tavons problem is that we gave him Brandon Gibsons number
2 LuinRam well now we have them right where we want them.
2 crushh87 no, just no.
2 Rams78110 Heyy someone else who isn't a referee saw it!
2 Danteslion stacy hurt??
2 BirdmanRainH2o Fucking Pettis dude
2 waglers As crushed as I am that they didn't complete the comeback
2 Mark Jaramillo Because that Fishers way...
2 Jballa2005 Fisher is pissin me off.....
2 LuinRam the delay is on them.
2 tntram If Davis can pull this out
2 BubbaKincaid For Christ sake pettis
2 Ramsfaithful Believe it or not....
2 BubbaKincaid If G Rob can't help this pathetic oline...then fisher and every coach needs there asses fired....
2 Rams78110 Eagles won*
2 RamSarge Don't we have an elite D-line?
2 FailureDrill So the Saints are getting thumped at home by the one team we actually beat this year.
2 Yes Aye You don't get paid to split even
2 Lawllaby We say that every game dude...
1 oldboy1x [no title]
1 dbcouver Yakity Sax City
1 richromeo21 If Grob is not in now
1 FailureDrill Here's where all the sacks come!
1 richromeo21 At least we have a pro bowl punter
1 oldboy1x [no title]
1 BubbaKincaid It could be time to put teams in a hat and draw a new team to root for this yr...with my luck I'd probably get Jacksonville but they'd beat the Rams by 17
1 oldboy1x [no title]
1 jtboy_08 [no title]
1 BayAreaRamsFan Embarrassing
1 Jas the Mace it's a Ram thing
1 LuinRam no...
1 crushh87 This team wants to be great, but the mistakes get them every time. The Rams are a better football team than the Eagles.
1 Ramsfaithful Are they?
1 BirdmanRainH2o Lol for everyone thinking that pass was complete to Pettis
1 LuinRam and you didn't even get to PE i bet...
1 FailureDrill He's echoing a well known sentiment:
1 J-RAD2 Pettis
1 Thomas W Davis played well enough for Rams to win, if Pettis even catches one of those two drops..
1 LuinRam just sad.
1 Jae-So A. Davis
1 Bralidore Kudos for coming back in the end..
1 LA Champ naw, never one guy...ST, the fumbles....blown coverages...bunch of stuff
1 RAMS54 What do you expect after only starting 3 games
1 FailureDrill Surely this team can beat the Raiders...
1 zachmann21 Anyone who blames this loss solely on Austin Pettis simply doesn't get it
1 FailureDrill Yeah, that was clearly incomplete. No issue with that call.
1 tntram Ya we should be 3 -1
1 Moises83 typical rams
1 LuinRam this.
1 LuinRam Dline needs to show up.
1 FailureDrill Pictured: Sack City.
1 crushh87 Britt look for the ball before the penalty, good play tho.
1 richromeo21 I'm drinking
1 richromeo21 We need to lose
1 hex706f726368 wrong name on back of jersey to get tht call
1 dbcouver Glutton for punishment?
1 Will not be defeated that cheap whore must still be around
1 crushh87 Going to go back and screenshot some of the shit you guys have been saying
1 nickmesenbourg are you kidding
1 rosstipher627 dudebro i wanted it to be a completion too, but he had it on the tip of his hands and in the commotion, the defender knocked it free.
1 dbcouver Well it was competitive. Good comeback. Just too deep of a hole
1 dbcouver We'd be up by 14 or better if not for those stupid TOs
1 LARams1968 I have it figured out.
1 Rams78110 Chant it with me!
1 BornwithHorns So, this is our team..............
1 DJ7561 The door is over there. utilize it.
1 Rams78110 Phantom false starts, no-call block in the back, phantom unnecesary roughness.
1 LA Champ that's why this is so bad, if the Eagle were good, there's an excuse....they're just as bad as us
1 linus98 No flag?
1 hex706f726368 i'm fine with him sliding short
1 Freewheeler2 and yet people wondered why Bradford had to toss it short.
1 Rams78110 Kendricks >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Me >>>> Cook
1 rosstipher627 your trolling used to be more insidious
1 LuinRam we just had to spot them 7 points...
1 dbcouver At this rate we should keep the eagles under 248 points
1 LA Champ QUICK
1 RamSarge Seems like classic goal line plays... can we just once try something unexpected?
1 Rams78110 Not one called* penalty
1 FlimtotheFlam Nice Missouri on Missouri
1 Ryan4768 Nice pick by Gaines.
1 Brewce Gaines wants to be traded ..
1 Douglas M Give the guys a second and they'll get you the direct feed address
1 hex706f726368 beat me to punch, completely agree
1 Throw Okay Britt
1 bambamrams Austin Davis plays like Brett Favre
1 LuinRam no. we don't want Quick to turn it over.
1 RamSarge I really hope Davis holds the job and keeps playing the way he has been
1 Ramsfaithful You had to know
1 spikeram it's a damn shame when you know already that we won't score a td with that field position.
1 hex706f726368 why can only one side of the ball play well at a time
1 LA Champ [no title]
1 FailureDrill 7 flags for 62 yards, eh?
1 FailureDrill This team really does have a shot at breaking that "Lowest Sack Total" record this year.
1 RamSarge Penalty not on Rams? WINNING
1 hex706f726368 the team is an embarassment and the city deserves better
1 Jballa2005 Just saw video of Davis getting blown up.........
1 Jballa2005 Their is clearly talent here........
1 Ramfest O-Line and D-line
1 rosstipher627 the 1st rule of james laurinaitis is that you do not critique james laurinaitis
1 LuinRam rhetorical?
1 Brewce Optimist Sighting! :]
1 tntram Let see what shotty Comes up with
1 Rams78110 Guys, they're being nice.
1 Rams78110 Schottenheimerlogic
1 hex706f726368 maybe if he was paid a bit more he'd come down with that
1 justin.szewczyk rams are so bad its laughable
1 dbcouver McGoughnahey doesn't do anything unless he's trying to be cool
1 LuinRam nobody.
1 RamSarge negative?
1 FailureDrill I'm starting to drift into that "numb" zone as well.
1 Jballa2005 Really Thomas??????????????
1 dbcouver You know what we should be concerned with now?
1 Rams78110 His arm wouldn't need to be strong if we would run better and our defense wasn't swiss cheese
1 oldboy1x [no title]
1 RamSarge Disagree, Seems like a coaching problem
1 oldboy1x [no title]
1 BubbaKincaid Everyone on this team sucks...just an fyi
1 Snaughty might as well be Chuck Long in there
1 bambamrams Keep Snead lose the coaches
1 B_Edelman Also, was PFF really that far off with calling us the 2nd worst roster?
1 Rams78110 Cushion man defense that lines up just outside the first down marker. Lol.
1 dbcouver See this is funny
1 rosstipher627 what about players calling practices?
1 Rams62 Winston Churchill for head coach
1 Lawllaby Let me see this really quick. Everyone keeps saying Tavon has issues returning the punts because he's running east and west.
1 BirdmanRainH2o Gotta be fuckin kidding me lol
1 BornwithHorns Must have sold the Ram's soul to the devil to get that first Super Bowl win.
1 oldboy1x [no title]
1 Sam D James anyone who still defends Jeff Fisher's regime after this game
1 crushh87 I blame it on Obama
1 LuinRam [no title]
1 Rams62 Respectfully disagree
1 Jballa2005 How is it Bradford's fault?????????????????????????
1 FlimtotheFlam That was a 3 step drop
1 rosstipher627 yeah as i recall that was one of our strengths
1 Freewheeler2 I did to but so far he is coaching like Walton to say I'm not impressed is an understatement.
1 J-RAD2 The coaches
1 LuinRam he is coaching worse than Walton.
1 oldfartramfan Right now the only people that can suck on something is the entire Rams coaching staff.
1 FailureDrill Heh.
1 Lawllaby I always know whent he Rams are going to run it with that motion into the backfield.
1 FailureDrill Cheer the fuck up, Rams fans.
1 Mark Jaramillo Two weeks to prepare...
1 Lawllaby Lol Jeff says the same thing every week. We're beating ourselves. Fix the issue you fucking tard.
1 linus98 Have we had a single third down stop this season?
1 richromeo21 My jersey is off......
1 Rams78110 Well gents. It appears we are in for our 4th straight rebuilding regime after Fisher gets shitcanned.
1 NachoD My thoughts
1 dbcouver After review it is confirmed....We suck
1 rosstipher627 the eagles have really not done anything to win this game.
1 dbcouver We'd be 15 yards better off if Tavon would have just caught the ball and threw it out of bounds
1 FlimtotheFlam What a terrible return all around
1 bambamrams I'd rather have Michael Sam than Renolds
1 FailureDrill No words anymore.
1 Oski Bear Well...time to rebuild...again...