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Rams-Eagles: Quick Five

Checking in on five players' improvement this week...or lack thereof.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

These last three weeks have been very painful for Rams fans. After dropping a heartbreaking game against the Cowboys and a much-too-long-bye week, the Rams went and...dropped another heartbreaking game against the Eagles.


The Rams, now 1-3, enter the toughest part of their schedule when they could have easily been sitting with the reverse as their record.

red down

Jake Long, OT

Jake Long put on his best Randy McMichael impersonation today, failing to grab a football that sat squarely beneath him; the play resulted in seven points for the Eagles. Later, he allowed a sack and fumble that resulted in another seven points. His heir apparent can't crack the lineup. Long is payed more than Austin Davis, Zac Stacy, Brian Quick, Robert Quinn, Janoris Jenkins and Joseph Barksdale. Combined.

red down

Jeff Fisher, HC

I get the even-keel attitude. It's good for the players and good for the stability of the team. But the Rams have dropped two straight games because of penalties, defensive miscues and poor offensive line play. I'd give him a pass if these were recent issues, but it's been going on three years. It's time to fix it, or the team will find someone else who can.

Green Up

Brian Quick, WR

Well, well, well. I didn't see this coming at all, but I'm glad happened. The Rams seemed stubborn in the offseason, not targeting any free agents or draft picks at this position (save Kenny Britt). It looked stupid then, and we look stupid now. Quick will be tested against some of the best corners in the league in the upcoming weeks, but there is reason to believe it could be an even match-up.

Green Up

EJ Gaines, CB

The Rams best pick of the draft is 6th rounder EJ Gaines. When Trumaine Johnson returns, the Rams might once again have solid depth and solid play out of their corners. Talk about a quick turn around.

Green Up

Austin Davis, QB

Davis is one of the few bright spots on the team, week in and out. He made some mistakes today, but that was partly due to the relentless pressure he faced - he'll continue to improve as he has more playing time under his belt. It might be too early, but after a quarter of a season and a 96.8 QB rating, is it time we start comparing Davis to that guy?