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Why are the Rams not Winning Games?

This franchise are on their way to a 10th consecutive season without a winning record.

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

This the third year of a complete franchise rebuild by Snead and Fisher.  This is the time that a team should make a real playoff run to at least a winning record, but it looks like another lost season.  It looked like they would have the excuse that the Rams lost the starting QB and were down to nothing, but lo and behold Austin Davis is playing QB for the Rams better than anyone has over a four-game period since Marc Bulger in 2006.

With all the picks this front office and coaches have gotten due to the RG3 haul, they continue to have a roster filled with young and immature players that make the same mistakes week in and week out, whether it be coverage miscommunication,  mental penalties,  wrong blocking schemes, etc.

How does a team off a bye fall behind 34-7 and have a punt blocked in the 1st quarter by the Eagles who did the same move last week?

Why are the Rams' back to back top 8 1st round picks not contributing anything to the team?

Did this braintrust pick the wrong players or is the talent on this team great and they just have not been coached up or properly led by Fisher and his group?

Why is this defense not coming close to any sacks?  Having just one through four games is downright embarrassing especially for a team that has a ton of money and 1st round picks on that defensive line.

After being a  top 10 defense against the run last year, the Rams are at the bottom after another 144 yards today. Was Tim Walton a genius, and has the game passed Greg Williams by?

Why does the leader of this team continue to make excuses week in and week out and not make the players pay for their mistakes and mental errors?

Why does this HC let Jared Cook openly show up the young QB with temper tantrums over and over?

The only good things going right now is the excitement of Austin Davis and the explosion of Brian Quick. Everything else is just about a dumpster fire

Did I miss anything?