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Man Crush Monday: Chemistry and Charisma

One man crush continues, another grows stronger. Together, they just might turn this season around.

Rich Schultz

At this point, my affection for Brian Quick is VERY well documented. Austin Davis has been the subject of admiration from every Rams fan since taking over as starter in Week 2 (if you're not crushing on Davis you're WRONG). We're witnessing something special developing here.

As a man with kids, I see a lot of Disney movies and aside from having some really great messages for kids, they are generally pretty funny for the parents too. When thinking about the Rams season to date, I think about this image from Ratatouille.


For those who haven't had the pleasure of watching this fine film, Remy "Little Chef" has just shown his brother that when you combine 2 ingredients you can end up with something greater than either individual ingredient. When cooking, they were struck by lightening and end up flat on their backsides, but found something worthy of the pain.

If I could sum up the first 4 games of the Rams season in one picture, this would be it. The team has caught lightning in a bottle on offense, particularly with the Davis/Quick connection. It has been glorious for fans who want to see GSOT 2.0, but it hasn't been enough as the teams finds itself knocked on it's collective rear end at 1-3. I'm in no way satisfied with the Rams record, but we definitely have found something worth exploring further.

Yahoo! thinks that Austin Davis is a garbage time hero, but I think he is much more than that. When faced with adversity, whether it be a bad interception or being on the wrong side of a lopsided score...the kid has shown more charisma than any of us expected. When the heat turns up, he stands tall and delivers not only TDs, but hope for the future.

Then you have Brian Quick, who has likewise shown a lot of resilience. Many wrote him off before this season, chief among them our own Brandon Bate. Quick has been nothing short of spectacular this season. He has weathered the disappointment of his first two seasons and become every bit the #1 WR that the Rams drafted him to be.

Together, they have formed an strong connection that has sparked the Rams offense. They have both performed when the pressure was on and will have an opportunity to flourish for the remainder of the season. We have endured the pain of disappointing losses and a 1-3 record, but in the process we have discovered something special.

With luck, the latter will erase the former under the bright lights of MNF next week.