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St. Louis Rams: Offensive Line Woes Need To Change

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Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams 34-28 loss to the Eagles wasn't as bad as some might think. Miscues on special teams, and a key fumble resulting in a touchdown were tough to overcome. Yet, it was the Rams offensive line lost this game, pure and simple...

This group of offensive linemen - especial both guards and center - is flat out bad. They made the mediocre Eagles' defensive line look like All-Pros, sacking and hurrying Austin Davis most of the afternoon. Scott Wells played "matador", on one play, allowing a clean shot at his quarterback. It's clear now: the way to beat the Rams is to hit hard between the guards. With games coming up against San Francisco's Patrick Willis and Seattle's Bobby Wagner, the situation in the middle of the Rams offensive line could turn into quarterback carnage.

Folks, the Rams line is so bad right now, that it actually makes Austin Davis' performance so far even more incredible. Davis had a 103.7 QB rating against Philadelphia, passing for 375 yards and 3 touchdowns. His ability to shift around the pocket and throw on the run has kept the Rams' offense competitive.

Position coach Paul Boudreau has worked miracles in the past. Coming into this season - after using the #2 overall pick to select left tackle Greg Robinson - the Rams' offensive line looked great on paper. But Jake Long's slow return from injury, and flaws in Scott Wells play have left this unit with some serious problems. Both guard positions for the Rams are alarmingly weak.

With this game marking the start of an ugly eight game stretch, things have to change for the Rams in the trenches, or there will be a bad moon o' rising for St. Louis fans...