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Rams-Eagles: The Offensive Line Lost The Game

The biggest factor that decided the game? The Rams' offensive line.

Rich Schultz

So the St. Louis Rams and the Philadelphia Eagles had an exciting game...Yes, the Rams lost the game 28-34, but  Austin Davis gave the Rams a chance to come back from a huge deficit.

But the reason why the Rams were in that situation was because of the offensive line.

The offensive line was supposed to be a strong unit this season, but the Eagles were in the backfield often. In fact, the majority of the big plays that happened for the Eagles was because of the offense's inability to block. Not one player on the line played well as the pass rush seemed to come from different directions. Here's a couple examples of the pressure that Davis underwent.

The offensive line played so bad that they helped allow a punt block that resulted in a touchdown.

The Rams offensive line did not do Davis any favors as he was hurried on a majority of his passes. This game was the worst that I've seen the line play all season, and it has to worry fans that the second pick in the draft, Greg Robinson was not called open to play at all during the game.

If the Rams are going to win they need the offensive line to pick up the play, or they will have to hope that their third-string quarterback can bring them back into the game, like he did against the Eagles, or there will be plenty of blowouts.