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Rams 28, Eagles 34: Rams Claw Back, But Early Mistakes Too Much

Early mistakes. Late resilience. Football is a disease.

Rich Schultz

Sickness. The affliction.

Football passion can be difficult. It can ask you to stomach the indigestible, to suffer through the swells of fatigue when your body and mind are exhausted into your reserves.

The Rams found themselves in the Cowboys' shoes today. Early mistakes had them in a 13-0 hole. Mid-game mistakes had them in a 34-7 hole. And then, they found themselves.

Austin Davis enjoys the expanse of a football field and the depth of the WR unit. He completed passes to 10 different receiving options, carving up any corner of the field the Eagles allowed him to.

The defense is talented. They took an Eagles offense and made it look rather pedestrian. They controlled much of the field, especially late.

The Rams, however, are the Rams. They found a way to commit 12 penalties, have a punt blocked and returned for a touchdown, and had a sack-fumble-Jake Long can't hold on to wet soap incident.

In the end, they nearly pulled it off.

The Rams are in the Octet of Pain. They can't do this the next seven weeks and expect to get many, if any, wins.

They have to find a way to combine the early success of the Cowboys game with the late near-heroics today.

They can't keep losing to themselves if they expect to win.