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Rams 7, Eagles 20: Second Half Open Thread

The Rams are down 13 points to the Eagles after a sloppy first half that put the Rams deep in the hole.

Evan Habeeb

The Rams decided to overcome their week 3 misfortunes by doing the opposite today.

They found themselves in a 13-0 hole after a blocked Johnny Hekker punt was returned for a TD and the Eagles' offense pitched in two successful FG attempts.

Truth be told, the Rams weren't awful in the half as a whole. The offense struggled mightily out of the gate, but got their act together on the TD drive. The defense limited the Eagles offense for the entire half until Philly's 2-minute drill culminated in a Riley Cooper TD.

There's plenty of football left to play, but it's going to take an impressive turnaround.

It's going to require less penalties; the Rams have committed eight total, though one was declined. You would think it would require more Zac Stacy too. He had just 6 carries in the first half. And maybe to match the Eagles' punt block TD, the Rams would do well to get some points from either the defense or special teams to alleviate the pressure on an offense that played so well early.

The Eagles get the ball first. If the Rams can get the stop, we've still got a game to play for.