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Rams-Eagles: Open Thread

The Rams open the Octet of Pain with their first game after the bye facing an offensively powerful Philadelphia Eagles team.

Jeff Curry

The Rams have a real challenge today, and it might be less about the Eagles than it is about themselves.

Two weeks ago today, I said at halftime that we would see what kind of Rams team this is and how they would handle a substantial lead to protect.

The answer was uncomfortable.

Now we head to Philadelphia to face an offense that can threaten any capable defense and a head coach who has much of the NFL establishment flummoxed. That leaves the Rams looking in the mirror today, needing to answer a couple questions...

Who is Austin Davis? Is he the upstart leader that willed the Rams to a win over Tampa Bay on the road, who punched the Cowboys in the gut early in the Rams' third game OR is he the guy who's thrown three woeful interceptions, the guy who lacks the tools of most NFL QBs, reminding you why he wasn't drafted?

What are the Rams doing with Zac Stacy? He's the best RB on the roster. He made defenses adjust to HIM last season. Yet in 2014, he hasn't even gotten going. For a guy who, you could argue, needs 20+ carries, the Rams haven't put that much on his back this season.

Is this defense going to show up? For all the preseason talk and as impressive as they are on paper, it hasn't really materialized. Is today the day?

Plenty of questions. Few answers. The Rams have had two weeks to rest and prepare for the Eagles. They need to start the OOP on the right foot.

Today's the first step.