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Random Ramsdom: Halloween Edition

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Happy Halloween Folks! Here's your daily dose of everything Rams related. Enjoy!

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Chris Trotman

Best QB Seasons of All Time | Athlon Sports

Kurt Warner's magical 1999 season checks in at #3. #1 may come as a surprise.

Your Weekly Check on Playoff Draft Odds | Football Outsiders

Silver lining...At least we're not at the top of this list.

Redraft of 2013 NFL Class | Grantland

No surprise that Tavon isn't our choice at #8 here. Production just hasn't been there.

Ingram Set for Free Agency |

Mark Ingram is having a breakthrough season. The Rams have a lot of talent - if not production - at RB so he might not end up in St. Louis. Could he be the answer to the Marshawn Lynch saga in Seattle. That's a scary proposition for Rams fans.

Coordinators in Line for Head Coaching Positions |

For those of you who want to clean house. Might be ammo for those who want to argue with Bate too ;)

Midseason QB Index |

Austin Davis has fallen 7 spots since the quarter mark in the season.

High Profile Draft Prospects Excel in Spotlight | CBS Sports

Because it's never too early for draft season in St Louis...Right?

Chris Long Progressing | ESPN NFL Nation

Finally out of his boot, next up for Long...regaining his strength

Fisher doesn't Anticipate Facing Mizzou Alum | ESPN NFL Nation

If Aldon Smith does play...the Rams have "a pretty good LT out there right now" according to Fisher

Barron Excited for Fresh Start | ESPN NFL Nation

Fisher said the Rams have plans for Barron but don't want to discuss them yet...sound familiar?

Aaron Donald is a BEAST | ESPN NFL Nation

Link to source information from PFF HERE

Greg Robinson Opens Up About Development | St Louis

Seems like the decision to have him learn 2 positions in the preseason was worth it after all.

Rams Moving on to 2015...Really??? | STL Today

Let training camp begin??? We still have 9 games to play! Definitely lost a little respect for the Post-Dispatch after reading this.

Injury Report | STL Today

Rams getting slightly healthier, but a lot of questions remain for Sunday's matchup in San Fran

Where does Mark Barron Fit? | STL Today

Some are concerned with the Rams picking up another Strong Safety in Mark Barron. TJ McDonald has that position locked up for the Rams. The pair of safeties, however, aren't concerned with where they play. If the Rams can keep from getting beat deep with these 2 players at safety, they could really be onto something.

ACL Re-injuries are Common | STL Today

For those who are saying Jake Long and Sam Bradford came back too soon.....

"Both re-injuries occurred 10 months apart, but Mandelbaum’s general opinion was that neither player returned too soon from their initial injuries."