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What would adding an all-time great do to the 2014 Rams?

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Marshall Faulk's back with his weekly question. This time, he wants to know how the 2014 Rams would do if they added a legend of the game.

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So this one's tough.

You'd have to think hard and long about Kurt Warner. As much as Austin Davis has outperformed expectations in 2014, Warner was a rare talent. And to have the QB position filled over any other, that might be the go to here.

Marshall himself is a candidate. You can flex him from RB to WR and excel at anti-Tavon Austin...

If you're going off of Hall of Fame candidates, the Rams have a long, long list. The sheer tenacity and ferociousness of some of the Rams' HOFers from the '60s & '70s...I mean, Tom Mack never missed a damn game and he played 13 seasons. What the hell is that... or Jack Youngblood who broke his leg in the divisional playoff game and still played every defensive down in the NFC Championship and the Super Bowl...that's the grittiest grit that ever did grit.

But I'm biased.

I'm going with my favorite Ram of all time.

Isaac Bruce

The reverend was a technician. Ike featured sparingly his rookie year, 1995, the last season the Rams called Los Angeles home. In the Rams' first season in St. Louis with the disastrous QB combo of Chris Miller and Mark Rypien, Bruce exploded for 119 receptions and 1,781 receiving yards, both franchise single-season records that stand to this day. And he didn't flash in the pan early in his career and retire early. In the 2006 season at 34 years of age, Bruce caught 74 passes for 1,098 yards. He was as good of a person as the NFL has ever seen off the field and inarguably one of the best it has ever seen on one. Good luck to Calvin Johnson doing that in five years...

So I'll take Isaac Bruce for this team to give them something they haven't had since he and Torry Holt finally hung them up: a game-changing wide receiver.

As to what it would do for this year's fortunes? Not much. Bruce is a football player, not a deity.

What one Ram great would you add to this roster if you could?

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