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Rams-Eagles: Players to Watch

The Rams are looking to come out firing after their Bye Week. The first team in their crosshairs is the Philadelphia Eagles. Here are a few of the Rams' weapons they need to defeat the Eagles.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Week 4 Bye Week, check. Austin Davis named the starting quarterback, check. Bring on the Philadelphia Eagles!

The next three games  are a sorts of murderer's row for the St. Louis Rams – Eagles, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks.

The Rams need a big win this week to start the momentum going in the right direction. Huge contributions from these players ( the entire team, to be honest) are key for this much needed victory.

Players to Watch

Austin Davis

Now that Davis is THE guy under center, it's his time to take the ball and go with it. He's led the Rams to a top 10 passing offense so far. His rapport with the newly emerged Brian Quick is great.

The only thing Davis has to limit are his mistakes. Don't fuck shit up (writer's emphasis) by throwing an interception. It kills the drives (aren't the Rams kinda known for killing their own drives??).

Maturation and experience will fix Davis' issues. Lets just hope Austin does not have too many oopsies this week.

Brian Quick

If Davis has a good game, guess who most likely will also have a good game? Yep, you guessed right. Brian Quick.

B-Quick leads the Rams in catches (16), receiving yards (235), and yards per catch (14.7). He registered his first touchdown of the season last week. The Rams need Quick's progression to be ongoing. He is the first read on most of the passing plays. He has to keep making those catches and making those plays.

A TD or two from Quickie would be nice.

Robert Quinn

Where has Robert Quinn gone?

Quinn has 0/zero/zilch sacks through the first three games of the season. This may strike concern in some, but Robert has not registered a sack due to play quality. He has been a force along the defensive line. He is getting double teamed and/or being held almost every passing play. It is not Quinn's fault.

But there lies one of the reasons for the lack  of sacks from Quinn, and the entire team in general. Quinn has only had a handful of opportunities to go after the quarterback. The Rams rank 22nd against the run, giving up about 104 rushing yards per game. Opposing teams prefer to run all day long against the Rams, rather than have their QB destroyed by Quinn.

Quinn will get his chance to pounce. It would be perfect if it came this week against the Eagles.

Janoris Jenkins

The Eagles have plenty of options to throw to. Receiver Jeremy Maclin leads the team in every receiving category. Rookie pass-catcher Jordan Matthews has played exceptionally has well, using the big frame of his to score two touchdowns. Lets not forget about Riley Cooper and tight end Zach Ertz either.

Jenkins will need to shut down the man he is covering. He has to eliminate one of Nick Foles' options.

Janoris has played good so far. We need him to continue to protect his rabbit hole.

Zac Stacy

Stacy has been a beast with the ball. He is averaging 4.3 yards per carry so far. The problem is, he is rarely touching the ball.

Zac's carry totals for the first three games are 11-19-12. Not exactly the amount one would expect from the starting running back in a run-first offense.

Like 3k pointed out, the Rams are not playing to their strengths. Stacy is a bowling ball of a rusher. He gains steam the more he gets carries. It is asinine to only give him the ball an average of 14 times per game.

Give him the ball. Let him pound that shit. It will open up thing for Austin Davis and the passing game.

Got a player you would like to add on? Sound off in the comments!

-Eddie P.