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The Jeff Fisher wheel of excuses

Remember, you're never further than someone else's mistake away from a win.

It's been an up and down year three years for the St. Louis Rams. This was supposed to be season Jeff Fisher's team put it all together and made a run at the playoffs. Unfortunately, that's not going to be the case. The Rams are sitting at 2-5 with a tough schedule ahead of them and a heaping helping of salary on injured reserve. It's going to take a miraculous run to match last year's 7-9 record, much less the playoffs.

But after every loss, the Rams were just one tick away from a win. A bad call, a miscue or something else got in the way, according to Fisher.

With eight more games to go, I figured we needed a better way to keep track of all the one-little-things keeping Fisher out of the win column from week to week. Therefore, I present ...

This will be handy for summing up the season. Hell, it can used in the offseason when the rumor mill starts to churn and the Rams load up on a bunch of former Titans players despite being linked to much bigger names on the market.