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Random Ramsdom 10/28: The Ship Has Sailed

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While the Rams' deficiencies were still apparent against Seattle, their narrow victory in week seven temporarily kept the fans at bay. However, they weren't as lucky against Kansas City and Sunday's trouncing should serve as a reminder that... once again... the focus should be on next season.

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The Monday Wrap:

--- Long and Quick Officially Done for Season ---
The Rams managed to lose key pieces of their already lackluster offensive line and receiving corps in a devastating blow to an already-floundering team.


Upcoming Opponent: 49ers

--- 49ers Reconvene From Bye 2 Games Back in Division ---
If the Rams can pull one out, it'll throw a wrench into the 9ers season. However, much more likely, the 49ers will come out determined to not drop a gimme-game and send the Rams packing.

--- Glenn Dorsey Returns to Practice; Lattimore Soon-To-Follow ---
Two more players potentially returning to action for the 49ers.


Getting Fishy:

Jeff Fisher is questioned on topics ranging from the running-back-by-committee approach and the injuries of Brian Quick and Jake Long.

--- NFL Coaches on the Hot Seat ---
A breakdown of which coaches' jobs are in limbo. Does Fisher see his name pop up?


Player Spotlight: Greg Robinson

--- Robinson Takes Over at LT ---
To say the spotlight has been put on Robinson in a hurry is a huge understatement.


Pressing Issues:

--- Rapid Reaction: Rams' Sunday ---
A quick overview at a few of the Rams' issues.

--- Rams' RB Share Ineffective in Fantasy ---
As a Zac Stacy fantasy owner, I've got a bit of personal beef with this timeshare they've got going on.

--- Jake Long Tears ACL... Again. ---
Just like QB Sam Bradford, Long has torn his ACL again a little over 300 days after the first time. The bigger issue is the gap it leaves on an already-shaky offensive line.


QB Monitor:

--- Austin Davis Held Below 200 Yards Again ---
Jon Gruden must already regret the Drew Brees comparisons and it's likely the Rams will need to pursue a new quarterback after all.

--- McShay: Connor Cook Needs 'One More Year' ---
If McShay is correct, the Rams may land around the tenth spot with one less option on the board.


Draft Tracker:

--- Rams Projected 8th Overall and Randy Gregory ---
I'm not so sure about this projection, but it's mocks are fun to speculate about nonetheless. I definitely see a member of the secondary, quarterback, offensive lineman or top-flight receiver taken first, though.


St. Louis Situation:

No real news here, but it is worth noting the game against the Chiefs could have possibly been the last governor's cup. However, nothing is decided yet.


Around the League:

--- Vick Replaces Smith ---
Another team fishing around for a QB, the Jets have flipped over to the 'unprepared' quarterback.

--- Wilson Denies Seahawks Locker  Room Controversies ---
He may deny it, but any team dealing one star and parting ways with another shortly indicates everything isn't as peachy behind the scenes as Wilson would lead us to believe.


Division Standings:

Arizona, 6-1
San Francisco, 4-3
Seattle, 4-3
St. Louis, 2-5


The Twittersphere:


Stat of the Day:

Since 2005, the Rams have only drafted one pro-bowler which ranks last among the league -- tied with Oakland. Considering the massive amounts of top picks made by the franchise, this is a a disgrace. The only saving grace in the situation is the tandem of Aaron Donald and Robert Quinn looking to be both perennial pro-bowlers and the staple of the Rams' defense for years to come.


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