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Monday Night Football

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Washington heads to Dallas for tonight's Monday Night Football clash featuring two of the Rams' 2014 opponents.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Monday Night Football tonight features two franchises with tons of history...and tons at stake.

The Cowboys hosts a struggling Washington team that has its hands full. Dallas is one of three teams holding the NFL's best record, 6-1. A win tonight would put them ahead of every team in the league, and more importantly keep them solidly on the path to the playoffs largely thanks to their league-best rushing attack in yards per game.

Washington, on the other hand, is off to a dismal 2-5 start. RGIII is still unfit for duty meaning former third-string QB Colt McCoy helms the Skins. They're far too inconsistent to have a good feel of what they'll do tonight, but the records alone suggest Washington will have their hands full.

Then again, Tony Romo is Tony Romo...

That being said, the Rams found out in week 3 that bad Romo and good Romo can exist in the same game. We'll see what kind of test Washington puts up week 14 when they come to St. Louis.

With the history and connection to the Rams (to say nothing of the impact on the 2015 NFL Draft, a perspective that gains relevance with each Rams loss...), this could be an entertaining next couple of hours.