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Rams vs. Chiefs: The Quick Five

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The Rams fell to 2-5 in an ugly loss to the neighboring Chiefs.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams were shellacked yesterday. Any way you slice it, the team was smoked. Much like the Minnesota game, the offense was unable to move the ball and the defense slowly tired until the floodgates opened. Here are some of the...'highlight' performances:

Green Up

Aaron Donald, DT

Donald was once again a force in the inside, racking up stats like a madman. I’m confused why the coaching staff didn’t start him from the get-go, but then again, a lot of things confuse me about this team.

Green Up

Robert Quinn, DE

Quinn’s two sack, two forced fumble performance reminded everyone why he’s the best 4-3 DE in the league. His season is largely back on track due to back-to-back big games, and he should only continue to improve once Chris Long returns.

red down

Austin Davis, QB

Davis had a rough outing. He’s always been a gambler, but this time he took things too far, throwing into double coverage for an early interception and forcing many of his throws later in the game. Going forward, eliminating those mistakes will likely determine his long-term status with the team.

red down

Joe Barksdale, RT

Barksdale been great in the run game this year, but the Chiefs had their way with him, beating him for two sacks and five hurries overall. Easily his worst game of the year at the worst possible time – He’s one of the few lineman still left standing.

red down

Jeff Fisher, HC

Rant time. Fisher joined the Rams after coaching the Titans for over a decade. More than anything, his tenure was marked by a blockbuster trade (netting twelve selections within the first three rounds over the last three years). Lacking a reliable, go-to receiver, a capable offensive line and suspect secondary (remember Craig Dahl?) the team drafted and signed players at will. Even though the Rams are the youngest team in the NFL, they’re still sitting right under the salary cap.

The results? The Rams passed on dynamic players like Sammy Watkins, Keenan Allen and Cordarelle Patterson. They drafted Greg Robinson, but shooed other top lineman in some of the deepest drafts in history for two veterans (Jake Long and Scott Wells) who between them have zero complete sixteen game seasons. Finally, the team still lacks a capable pair of safeties (although T.J. McDonald appears to be making a case that they at least have one).

The running game, a strength of the Rams since Steven Jackson, is still a strength, but their short-straw approach to having a consistent back starting has torpedoed continued success – don’t even bother mentioning Tavon Austin, who has become a part-time running back because no one has taught him how to catch a pass without dropping it

Long story short, the team has been rebuilding for three straight years and looks to make it a fourth. Any given Sunday, the only constant thing you’ll see is the Rams likely blowing another game