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Rams-Chiefs: Roll Call

Looking at the most active users in yesterday's game threads.

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Roll Call Info
Total comments 1,713
Total commenters 89
Commenter list 3k, 81 Witness, BMillz, BaldBilly, Barflies, BornwithHorns, Brandon Bate, BubbaKincaid, CaliRamsMan, Chamuel, CharlesMartel, Charlesthe3rd, Cmoney243, Da Rookie, DamnChop, Danteslion, Douglas M, Drmondobueno, FailureDrill, Freewheeler2, Gfamily43, IdGladlySellMySoulJust2KeepTheRamsAlive, Ignacio B, J-RAD2, Jacob Vantrease, Jballa2005, Kavi, Ken F, Kentrell Jackson, LA Champ, LARams1968, Lawllaby, Leon Phelpths, LuinRam, Natedogg265, NyneDub2, OCRamsFan, RAMS54, RWRAMS28, RamBradford08, RamSarge, Ramfest, Rams311, Rams62, Ramsfan75, Ryan4768, SisuRam, SoCalJoe, Tanngnost, The Rammer, Thomas W, Throw, TrueRamsFan93, Will not be defeated, YoMurph!, bamaram, cody.nielsen1, crushh87, dbcouver, fearsomefoursum, ffgtfgtr, guitrguy, hbwb, hex706f726368, howie43, illyistic1, isomerize, jojomoney, justin.szewczyk, leadhead, luvhockey, mark.banks.568, mnbfavor, nj_rams_fan, nodisrespect, oldfartramfan, pacmule, ponytails27, ramdude, ramsfan37, ramswo85, richromeo21, rosstipher627, shmerriman, spikeram, themurth, tntram, weezul12, whirledpeas
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# Commenter # Comments
1 LA Champ 166
2 Lawllaby 140
3 rosstipher627 107
4 FailureDrill 107
5 justin.szewczyk 99
6 Danteslion 64
7 LuinRam 59
8 RamBradford08 58
9 tntram 57
10 isomerize 55
11 RamSarge 51
12 crushh87 42
13 richromeo21 33
14 YoMurph! 32
15 Cmoney243 31
16 hex706f726368 29
17 RAMS54 29
18 Barflies 27
19 BornwithHorns 27
20 themurth 25
21 OCRamsFan 24
22 LARams1968 23
23 Ryan4768 23
24 BaldBilly 20
25 guitrguy 19
26 luvhockey 19
27 Jballa2005 18
28 Ramfest 18
29 Douglas M 17
30 Will not be defeated 16
31 Thomas W 15
32 Ken F 15
33 jojomoney 14
34 BubbaKincaid 14
35 J-RAD2 13
36 Natedogg265 12
37 mark.banks.568 12
38 nodisrespect 11
39 Ignacio B 10
40 BMillz 10
41 oldfartramfan 9
42 whirledpeas 9
43 CharlesMartel 9
44 Da Rookie 9
45 cody.nielsen1 8
46 SoCalJoe 7
47 illyistic1 7
48 weezul12 7
49 hbwb 5
50 The Rammer 5
51 Charlesthe3rd 5
52 ramsfan37 4
53 Rams311 4
54 spikeram 4
55 dbcouver 4
56 howie43 3
57 leadhead 3
58 ffgtfgtr 3
59 Gfamily43 3
60 nj_rams_fan 3
61 SisuRam 3
62 Freewheeler2 2
63 TrueRamsFan93 2
64 ramswo85 2
65 Kavi 2
66 81 Witness 2
67 Jacob Vantrease 2
68 bamaram 2
69 Drmondobueno 2
70 Chamuel 2
71 ponytails27 2
72 CaliRamsMan 1
73 DamnChop 1
74 ramdude 1
75 shmerriman 1
76 Ramsfan75 1
77 mnbfavor 1
78 NyneDub2 1
79 RWRAMS28 1
80 fearsomefoursum 1
81 3k 1
82 Tanngnost 1
83 pacmule 1
84 Brandon Bate 1
85 Leon Phelpths 1
86 Rams62 1
87 Throw 1
88 IdGladlySellMySoulJust2KeepTheRamsAlive 1
89 Kentrell Jackson 1
# Recs Commenter Comment Link
5 rosstipher627 saffold injury
5 rosstipher627 taking a look at the incoming quarterback class to see which QB's career we can destroy with our pick.
5 LA Champ [no title]
5 rosstipher627 [no title]
4 Lawllaby Barret Jones will now be called BJ on this forum, because I said so.
4 LA Champ leads at halftime are overrated
3 tntram I think we can't fix this
3 justin.szewczyk This is the worst we've played all season
3 BMillz Conspiracy
3 rosstipher627 goddamn injuries!
3 LuinRam time to forfeit the game to save injuries?
3 rosstipher627 dante it comes down to character. who do you hate enough to put them behind a St. Louis O-line.
3 tntram I think if we can't win 5 games this year fisher should be gone with all the coaching staff
3 Cmoney243 Well I want Cardinals to take this division
3 FailureDrill For everyone asking for second half adjustments, just remember who our offensive coordinator is and his "ability" to adjust. Then do this:
3 LuinRam thats on barksdale...
3 mark.banks.568 He doesn't
3 BornwithHorns We must wander in the desert for 40 years first.
3 LA Champ that bad? really
3 LuinRam "I hope nobody watches film on these guys..."
3 LA Champ Austin could get irreparably damaged...
3 BornwithHorns Almost feels like the last year of Spags, minus the clapping.
3 guitrguy Our ST has reached troll status
3 FailureDrill Water is still wet.
3 richromeo21 Great start again!
3 pacmule What a beautiful week that was being a Northwest Rams fan.
3 BornwithHorns 3rd year full of hope, and then major suckage
3 rosstipher627 [no title]
3 RAMS54 Hell right now any QB in the world would suck
3 Jballa2005 I'm telling you guys..............................
2 FailureDrill Bring it in the second half, The Wire gifs:
2 Ramfest These fucking refereesssss dont give us a chance
2 crushh87 I believe!
2 FailureDrill Yeah, that worked well for Rich Gannon.
2 rosstipher627 that GZ miss..
2 justin.szewczyk Wow and this is why we need to draft a QB with our first pick
2 SoCalJoe [no title]
2 whirledpeas We need to change the logo on our helmets to the RED HOSPITAL CROSS...
2 whirledpeas Tuesday trade deadline......
2 mark.banks.568 10 yd cushions
2 isomerize that's funny
2 Danteslion sand is pretty hard to run in lol
2 LuinRam Donald is getting the Quinn treatment
2 LA Champ please don't....sometimes, the past is the past...
2 Ryan4768 I don't know. Everyone expected Bradford to do it in the same situation.
2 J-RAD2 Shotty
2 BornwithHorns What a deal Georgia made with the devil.....
2 FailureDrill Jesus, Aaron Donald eats a metric fuck ton of red meat.
2 FailureDrill Ross is fine.
2 hex706f726368 check the font
2 FailureDrill Barrett Jones is an abstract concept.
2 Lawllaby See Rams, not all penalties are bad. #MattPrater
2 Lawllaby Ram fans bought all the tickets and decided not to show.
2 rosstipher627 need a TST slush fund
2 justin.szewczyk Tre Mason
2 crushh87 It's sarcasm man. He's making fun of all the people losing their shit.
2 rosstipher627 [no title]
2 LARams1968 Obligatory Saffold injury.
2 crushh87 OMG they got a first down! The season is over! Fire Everyone!
2 LA Champ AD & Quinn are here to stay...sign Donald to a 15 year deal tonight
2 FailureDrill Seriously?
2 FailureDrill Okay, I'm officially skeptical of Zuerlein at this point.
2 LuinRam sigh
2 rosstipher627 [no title]
2 Lawllaby All could have been avoided by something as simple as falling on the ball. What a shame.
2 Ryan4768 Saffold. Made of glass.
2 Lawllaby I think im going to throw up.
2 rosstipher627 santos hit the FG
2 Ken F My observation so far
2 tntram This game is all about the coaching
2 themurth Don't feel bad for them. They are making millions. The NFL has gone the route of professional boxing. "Don't get hurt and collect the paycheck".
2 tntram [no title]
2 oldfartramfan I've had the flu for two days and hugging the toilet.
2 YoMurph! it is a grammar pocket.
1 BaldBilly the future is now :)
1 Will not be defeated so we have a myth or a turnstile at OG
1 RamBradford08 Davin Joseph is the worst player in the NFL
1 FailureDrill Everyone just needs to let the Barrett Jones thing go.
1 Lawllaby Did Scott Wells get taken out?
1 J-RAD2 I just
1 BubbaKincaid And now 7 months of mind numbing mock draft horseshit
1 RamBradford08 the line is decimated...
1 Thomas W miss me now ? sam bradford
1 justin.szewczyk No you're not wrong
1 justin.szewczyk It's crazy how good we are at stopping the run
1 RAMS54 It would be easier to count the tackles made
1 RamSarge Fucking Danteslion is thrilled right about now
1 rosstipher627 austin davis almost had one
1 BubbaKincaid Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results...this staff has to go, imo
1 justin.szewczyk Probably shut down since he is our only threat on offense
1 LA Champ go for it
1 rosstipher627 yeah. he's not even worth his weight in sand.
1 rosstipher627 really hope this guy can BLOCK
1 RamSarge Yeah, now is when we get holding calls... ugh
1 BornwithHorns Gonna go cry in my beer. Good day to you all.
1 justin.szewczyk actually our defense was great
1 rosstipher627 no. neither is jake long
1 Ramfest Tavon Austin pick was a true waste
1 themurth this is how bad Fisher is. Why not let Greg kick the field goal. Maybe gain some confidence. No!!!!!!! He goes for it on 4th and 8. Moron!
1 Jballa2005 Rams Headline for the Week.........................
1 ramdude I blame it on the bus trip over
1 LuinRam barksdale has been abused all day.
1 RamSarge Welp, see you fools next weekend. GO RAMS!
1 OCRamsFan Fuck the Gov of St. Louis
1 Lawllaby [no title]
1 LA Champ what he do OC
1 Kavi Why did we have to win against
1 bamaram Guess it really doesnt matter who's back there
1 LA Champ stats's....tackles...fumbles recovered....calm down murth, the sun will come up tomorrow
1 themurth I hate the NFL for exploiting its fans.
1 themurth He has completely lost his swagger. He is every bit of 5'8". A complete fish out of water.
1 LuinRam yep, totally seems that way.
1 Danteslion lmao
1 Lawllaby I'd rather get a new QB, some O-line, some LB's, and a safety....
1 Lawllaby Yea I don't think they're very good. I doubt they'll make the playoffs.
1 hex706f726368 yeah, but everyone at CBS loves to say
1 Danteslion he needs to be the starter next week
1 Lawllaby How old are you?
1 whirledpeas Someone....PLEASE LIFT THE CURSE!!
1 justin.szewczyk well 3 of our starters got injured this game
1 howie43 If....
1 Jballa2005 Don't matter who plays..............
1 RAMS54 bulgerized
1 Ryan4768 Because everyone keeps going on about how much better Davis is.
1 LA Champ well, that's how some of us ole timers think about super bowls
1 OCRamsFan 34 unanswered points ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
1 Lawllaby I'd rather do it now, get everyone accustomed to a new staff. But you won't get a good coach right now.
1 Charlesthe3rd They really aren't good
1 LA Champ stop it...not like this....nobody will go to the games, be gone in 5 London or something
1 nj_rams_fan [no title]
1 justin.szewczyk At least we will get a good QB in the draft
1 ponytails27 get fish and the whole f-----ng coaching staff OUT. BLOW IT UP!
1 Cmoney243 the past 10 years
1 RamBradford08 Sink the boata for Mariota
1 YoMurph! Chiefs penalizing their way down the field.
1 Douglas M Looks like JL55 is going to be playing off the line a bit today, eh?
1 justin.szewczyk I would not want to trade our leading receiver
1 Douglas M Based on the current Rams' roster, what is your position needs list in the next draft?
1 cody.nielsen1 I want Alex Smith DEAD!
1 Brandon Bate You know what they say...
1 Douglas M Just read Zac Stacy is getting some interest before the trade deadline? I'm kind of shocked Fisher would be willing to part with him...
1 luvhockey that's a rec
1 Danteslion holy britt
1 Ignacio B I'd take McKinney in the first
1 Lawllaby Hopefully we passed that bad energy to them, I certainly do not want that curse.
1 LA Champ nope, not till he runs hard on punts
1 Barflies Some people overreact? Half the board thought GRob was a bust because he didn't start the first few games
1 Lawllaby Yes, don't let that happen again, we need your feed to go strong.
1 LA Champ oh you can trust us Cody
1 FailureDrill Yeah, fix your feed.
1 richromeo21 No Penalty!
1 LA Champ why did the KC fans think they'd win this game? their team is awful
1 LARams1968 The Rams let blowmo come back on them.
1 81 Witness getting jobbed
1 81 Witness Thanks jeff
1 FailureDrill Guitrguy's rules explicitly state there will be NO criticism of Gaines until further notice.
1 LARams1968 Go Rams!
1 Danteslion question mark is starting for us
1 justin.szewczyk Same feeling I had before the Seahawks game
1 rosstipher627 *connecticut
1 FailureDrill KC's rookie kicker, who learned the NFL rules by playing Madden, drills a 53 yarder with a cross wind.
1 rosstipher627 aw man we need a front page article on sarcasm font
1 LARams1968 If its the Rams then yeah.
1 Cmoney243 Santos for GZ and Davin Joseph
1 FailureDrill This is true,
1 LA Champ Davis falls like a veteran QB all that shit in like Farve
1 Chamuel You can't make this crap up
1 RamBradford08 That kid is going to the Pro Bowl.
1 FailureDrill Yes, fuck the Rams' success when your bullshit fantasy team has points at stake.
1 FailureDrill You don't really understand the concept of sarcasm, do you?
1 BaldBilly Rams 7 - Chiefs 7
1 FailureDrill That's not so much a defense as it is an admission of weakness.
1 themurth Hilarious!
1 dbcouver Always will root for him...class act
1 justin.szewczyk [no title]
1 rosstipher627 aight chicken little. just grab a beer and enjoy the footbaw game
1 rosstipher627 not this again... just watch the game man
1 FailureDrill My whiskey bottle wins.
1 Jballa2005 And you guys think Bradford is the problem at QB..............................hmmmmmmmm
1 rosstipher627 you know... just putting this out there:
1 FailureDrill How was that Davis' fault?
1 Lawllaby Over hyped.
1 YoMurph! Eat Shit Donovan.
1 isomerize Triplett needs his meds, and glasses
1 Natedogg265 We have a rep for receiving BS calls.
1 BubbaKincaid That was a fumble
1 rosstipher627 we need to start bribing us some zebras
1 guitrguy lol that's the third
1 tntram An Seattle fan bitch about bad call
1 guitrguy So they get two holds, and we get called for a penalty?
1 FailureDrill Seriously, Jeff Tripplette is the worst.
1 Natedogg265 Ok the refs have decided who should win this game.
1 YoMurph! Insult to injury. Really bad to not have anyone around to tackle Smith, then a BS late hit.
1 justin.szewczyk that was a clear fumble
1 crushh87 That's a fumble.
1 rosstipher627 all of the yes
1 FailureDrill I salute your optimism.
1 RamBradford08 Maybe it's short sighted but
1 rosstipher627 Davin Joseph
1 Thomas W miss me yet ? sam bradford
1 FailureDrill What a sad life you lead.
1 LuinRam it may have been a fumble,
1 rosstipher627 pawns in the NFL's moneymaking machine
1 rosstipher627 [no title]
1 tntram We not going to see the roughing penalty
1 BubbaKincaid Such a bad call on tree that they won't even show a replay
1 The Rammer lol
1 FailureDrill It's one of those "I'm just gonna leave this right here" comments people like to chuck out there.
1 isomerize Schitty, proper pronunciation please
1 LARams1968 Or we would have 6 weeks of Bradford looking like a dear in the headlights till he gets creamed memories.
1 Barflies But he is, so what's the point of your comments?
1 isomerize stop filming me! I'm on a break!
1 LA Champ me too
1 FailureDrill I don't know. Why do you think, Stringer?
1 FailureDrill I'm with Bunk on that one:
1 FailureDrill I don't know about "super".
1 hex706f726368 that's one way to keep their offense off the field
1 FailureDrill That's like saying "Let's see an athletic heroin junkie."
1 LuinRam fucking pussy tripllete
1 guitrguy that's a bullshit call
1 BornwithHorns bs call
1 Lawllaby This Ref can't even talk right.... why is he a referee?
1 YoMurph! Example of Mcnabb truth: "I didn't know you could tie in the NFL."
1 Lawllaby Consistently Inconsistent.
1 Cmoney243 this game
1 Ryan4768 Needs blocking before he can run forward.
1 Lawllaby [no title]
1 LA Champ hey Yo, free MO
1 LuinRam They don't have to worry about Quick.