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Man Crush Monday: Polishing that Turd

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The Rams dropped turds at every corner on Sunday. They were dominated in every facet of the game. If you look hard enough, there are shiny turds out there too.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Part of being a fan is seeing things through rose colored glasses. As Rams fans, it's our job to look for any positive that we can find, particularly after the manhandling the Chiefs gave us yesterday. If we don't do this, we will be driven mad by the team's seemingly endless futility.

When looking for the silver lining shiny turd from the game yesterday, I was taken aback by just how awful the performance was. Yes, I understand that much can be attributed to injuries forcing your young players into the spotlight, but the level of ineptitude was amazing. Austin Davis threw an ugly interception early, DBs were inexplicably playing 5-7 yards off the line on 3rd down, Greg Zuerlein missed a chip shot (by his standards), and the OL's inability to keep Davis upright are just a few images that stick in my head.

In a world where negativity garners the highest ratings, it's easy to get lost in all of that. But that's not why we're here. I'm here to help you find the shiniest turd from that disaster. With the offensive incontinence, you know that I'm not going anywhere near that side of the ball this week. When you factor in the defensive struggles as well, it's fairly simple to narrow it down to four individuals.

Honorable Mention: Johnny Hekker

Hekker averaged 54.0 yards per punt yesterday. That's a pretty staggering figure considering that only one punter (Tress Way from Washington) is averaging greater than 50 yards per punt for the season...and he's only at 50.3. While punters are people too, and Hekker's is downright awesome, that's not enough to earn higher consideration here.

Bronze Turd: Aaron Donald

Donald once again made his living in the opponents backfield yesterday. He absolutely abused the interior of the Chiefs offensive line. He continues to show that he was a complete steal at #13 overall in the draft. While I noticed him consistently in the backfield, there were times where the Chiefs used that penetration to their advantage to neutralize Donald. That's the only reason he's not higher here.

Silver Turd: Lamarcus Joyner

If all you did was look at the box score, you could assume that Joyner had a helluva game. Much like Greg Robinson on the offensive side of the ball, Joyner was asked to rotate to a different position when the injuries started piling up. The teams leading tackler also had a highlight reel worth hit on DeAnthony Thomas. That alone warrants a little love, if not the top spot.

Gold Turd: Robert Quinn

And here we are. The shiniest turd on the field Sunday was the one and only Robert Quinn. Quinn was up to his 2013 antics yesterday, notching 2 sacks and a forced fumble. He showed us all that he's still a force to be reckoned with...and that he's has a knack for celebrating those big plays. Crawling out of the aftermath of a scrum is just great entertainment - even if the game wasn't.

I'll admit... when it started getting ugly, I flipped into analyst mode and started 'watching film' of Quinn as opposed to trying to be a fan. He helped me endure the pain of the beatdown, and in doing so garners today's top honors.