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It's Time For The Greg Robinson Era To Begin In Full

With the Rams left tackle Jake Long suffering a torn ACL injury it's time for his replacement Greg Robinson to finally take his place as the face of the offensive line.

Joe Sargent

With the St. Louis Rams starting left tackle Jake Long supposedly out for the season with another torn ACL in the same knee for the second time in a row. Which mean's that it's time for the Rams to take the training wheels off of this year's 2nd overall pick from the University of Auburn Greg Robinson.

This season the St. Louis Rams motto has been the next man up: Austin Davis replaces Sam Bradford, anyone that can run the ball has been replacing Zac Stacy, E.J. Gaines has stepped in and replaced Trumaine Johnson at corner. So yes, the Rams have become accustomed to replacing starters with other players.

However starting Robinson at LT this early could not have been a part of the plan, especially since they were reluctant to start him for the first few weeks of the season. The original plan for Robinson was to first make him earn his way into the starting lineup at guard, get adjusted to the NFL, and then eventually probably in 2015 start him at LT. Because Robinson was a raw project for the Rams he has all the skills to be an effective LT, he just needs experience and that's what he will get this year.

There's no con's with starting Robinson for the rest of the season. Hopefully he continues to develop for the Rams the rest of the season and it will give the team one less position to worry about in the future.

Of course, there will be bumps down the road for the tackle, but he's still a rookie so although there will be bad moments the hope is that his good moments will outshine the bad ones, because let's face it even future Hall of Famer Orlando Pace was a rookie, maybe just maybe the Rams have found his true replacement after all of these years.