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Marshall Faulk: What Do The Rams Need To Do To Get Back In The Playoff Hunt?

The former Rams great is looking for adjustments. Do the Rams have them in tow?

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this is a spicy meatball from Marsh this week. First, let's take a look at what the Rams need to do to get into the playoff hunt.

At a minimum, the Rams would likely need to get to 9-7. Sitting at 2-4 right now, that means they'd need to go 7-3 over the final 10 games of the 2014 season. Here's the road ahead:

Rams remaining schedule

Four home games versus six road games. Going 7-3 in that slate looks pretty much impossible given how the Rams have gotten where they are in 2014. Crazier things have happened let's take it on its face.

What adjustments do the Rams need to make to only drop three of those games?

1.) They've got to clean up on defense

Between the pass rush, the secondary and general run defense, the Rams have to start locking it down on D. The Rams are next to last in the league in points allowed per game. That comes first.

2.) Someone has to step up on offense

The Rams need to have someone they can rely on. Right now, it's not any of the running backs since we have 0 clue what the hell that unit's going to look like throughout Sunday. So is it Austin Davis? It wasn't on Monday Night Football against the 49ers. Is it Brian Quick or Jared Cook, the Rams' top two receiving options statistically in 2014 thus far? Quick's got three catches for 43 yards in the Rams' last two games. For Cook, I think the Seattle game was the turning point for defenses focusing on keeping him down. After averaging 8.4 targets per game in the first five games, Davis only went his way three times against Seattle, all completed, for 25 yards.

I don't know who it's going to be, but for the Rams to get right, someone has to stand out over these last ten.

3.) Penalties? No.

The Rams committed just two penalties against the Seahawks. Seattle committed 10. That's a good path toward a victory.

Super magical luck factor: stay lucky on the injury front

The Rams have been one of the luckier teams on the injury front this season. If they're going to get to 9 wins, that likely needs to continue. And maybe this isn't an adjustment so much, so let's say that the adjustment is that they need to pray more. Or hope more. Whatever prevents injuries in 2014, they need to do more of it.

It doesn't look likely, but the Rams have to get things right on both sides of the ball and play clean to inspire hopes of a postseason run.

The key for me is to get to 5-5. That requires a 2-1 record on this three-game road trip...which is asking a lot.

But if the Rams can get over the Chiefs and pick off either the Cardinals or 49ers on the road, that would give the team a ton of momentum going into a week 11 home contest against Peyton Manning.

Let's see if we get some of these adjustments as the OOP goes along...or if the Rams come up short and have more questions than answers.

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