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Rams-Chiefs: Q&A with Arrowhead Pride

Getting the inside info from Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride, the SB Nation community for fans of the Kansas City Chiefs.


The Governor's Cup. Get some.

To get the inside info on the Chiefs, I linked up with Joel Thorman from Arrowhead Pride, SB Nation's community for fans of the Chiefs.

How would you describe yall's offense to Rams fans who haven't seen a Chiefs game yet? Obviously there's balance with 186 passing attempts and 186 rushes through six games. What has stood out though from an overall offensive strategy standpoint?

The Chiefs should be running the ball more than they are because that's where their strength lies so you'll see a healthy dose of Jamaal Charles and Knile Davis on Sunday. The Chiefs also throw a lot of shorter passes that are designed to create yards after the catch. These are not risky throws so don't expect many if any turnovers from Alex Smith. The Chiefs will rarely test you deep. Expect plenty of Jamaal Charles with plenty of shorter passes around the line of scrimmage. The Chiefs will also run 2 and 3 tight end sets where the Rams will have to prepare for a run or pass. The Chiefs should have two tight ends on the field more than a third of the game.

Right now the Chiefs have the second-best passing yards allowed per game. What's contributing to the success more - secondary play or the defensive line and those 17 sacks? What should Rams fans be prepared for from yall's 3-4?

The Chiefs last year had more exotic blitzes with various rushers, including defensive backs. That doesn't appear to be happening as much this year. They are creating pressure with their front four (in the nickel) which allows for more coverage help from others. It's funny that the Chiefs have that pass defense statistic because the secondary is not the strength of the team. It gives us plenty of worry. Just last week a starting cornerback (Marcus Cooper) was benched for a relatively unknown player (Jamell Fleming). The best explanation for that stat is that the Chiefs have cut down on the big plays from opposing quarterbacks. There are fewer mental lapses.

Who are the new Chiefs or most improved guys stepping up in 2014 to add to what you guys did in 2013? Are Josh Mauga and Knile Davis the main two?

RB Knile Davis has been good but Jamaal Charles remains the focal point of the run game. TE Travis Kelce is the main one to watch out for on Sunday. He's the Chiefs biggest receiving threat right now. He was drafted last year but had knee surgery so he didn't play last year. This year he has shown some serious flashes. He is not an every-snap player like Anthony Fasano but he is absolutely someone the Rams will have to account for on every snap. I found it interesting that CBS announcer Solomon Wilcots said Andy Reid is designing plays for Kelce. Defensively the Chiefs have gotten some nice run out of Husain Abdullah, a jack-of-all-trades safety. He will line up in multiple positions, whether that be deep or as a linebacker. He's just a solid, all-around player the Chiefs can use in a variety of ways.

What is the fan base's feeling toward Andy Reid and John Dorsey? Last year's turnaround of the 2-14 2012 season has to have given him some long-lasting support, no?

Indeed it has. Chiefs fans will complain about Andy Reid's in-game management or John Dorsey's draft picks but in the big picture these two have completely turned around the Chiefs franchise. The start to this season is slowly proving that last year was not a fluke. At some point down the line, the Chiefs will have to win a playoff game under these two. It's been 20 years so if a playoff win doesn't come soon, that will be the thing that upsets fans. For now though, most fans are happy with the results.

So, the illustrious Governor's Cup...since the Rams moved to St. Louis, we're 0-5 against you guys in the regular season, though we've only played twice in the regular season since 2002. That being said, is this the most important game of the season, the most important game in franchise history or, quite simply put, is this the single most important football game ever played?

Clearly the answer is all of the above. I like playing the Rams because I like to take my shots at St. Louis. But in reality, this may not even be the most important game for a Missouri team on that day ... if the Royals can push the World Series to five games.

Bonus: Hit me with your prediction.

I have the Chiefs winning 24-13. It very well could be closer than that. I know the Rams are one of those teams that are better than their record indicates (unlike the Chiefs last year, who were probably not as good as their record indicated).

Thanks to Joel for the time.