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Random Ramsdom 10/24: Covering All Your Bases

The Rams will look to go into Arrowhead and walk away with their first winning streak of the season. There are a lot of variables this week. From Playing Time to injuries to schemes, we have you covered

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Davis Impresses Favre |

This is old News, but figured I'd throw it out there for those who missed it.

Rams Playoff Odds Improve...Marginally | Football Outsiders

That is... they are no longer projected to have a top 5 pick. A dub-ya in Kansas City would likely revitalize the Rams statistical chances of making the playoffs.

Rams OL Revisited | Football Outsiders

Ben Muth takes a look at how Greg Robinson is adjusting to a new position. Really great stuff in here regarding OL technique. Great read.

NFL Launches New Original Series |

'Undrafted' will - you guessed it - focus on fringe NFL players through the draft process. Maybe they will see Austin Davis continue to hulk out and do a documentary on him.

Rams RB Situation in Flux |

To say that the situation is fluid would be an understatement. Fisher's not joking when he says he's going to ride the hot hand.

Robinson Still on 'Bust' List |

He won't be on this list for long if he continues his solid play.

Several Key Players Return to Practice |

T.J McDonald, Rodger Saffold, and a few others returned to the field Thursday. However, Janoris Jenkins was a no-go with a knee injury.

Does Fassel Have More Up His Sleeve? |

"If the opportunity’s there, that’s how we are, that’s what we do" - Jeff Fisher... What else can Fassel engineer?

Rams Special Teamer wins POW | Pro Football Talk

Speaking of special teams... "Studman" walks away with the NFC Special Teams Player of the Week for his role in the now famed 'Mountaineer" Punt Return.

Governor's Cup or Lombardi Trophy? |

Considering the Rams beat Fisher's Titans in Super Bowl 34, his response probably won't surprise you.

Alex Smith Ready to Face Old Rival |

The last time Alex Smith faced the Rams, this happened. Now with the Chiefs, he says that he's not concerned with his history with the Rams.

NFL Gauging interest in LA |

The NFL seems to finally be getting serious when it comes to filling the LA market.

STL-KC Matchup Breakdown | NFL Nation @ ESPN

Nick Wagoner and Adam Teicher look forward to Sunday's game.

Charles has Concussion Symptoms | Sporting News

After having his 'bell rung' by former teammate Brandon Flowers, Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles is taking part in the NFL's concussion protocol. He's passed every test thus far and is expected to play Sunday.

Aaron Donald is a Beast | Fox Sports

As noted by Misone, Aaron Donald is pretty damn good.

Mason Flourishes when Given Opportunity | STL Today

Rookie Tre Mason did an amazing job filling in for Zac Stacy last week. So good in fact that the Rams RB situation is now a true Fisher-esque RBBC.

Bernie Wants us to Temper Expectations...For Now | STL Today

I get the realist attitude, but lets live a little in the moment. The NFL is, after all, a "what have you done for me lately" league. And lately, Davis has done everything that's been asked of him.

Rams WR Reps Hotly Contested | STL Today

As Austin Pettis' release shows, there is no room for error with this group.

Rams Legend Offers Advice to City of St Louis | STL Today

Isaac Bruce has a simple message for Rams fans. Show Up.

"The biggest way to show a team that you love ’em is to show," Bruce said. "Show up. Even in the worst of times. Show up. Say, ‘We need a team.’ I mean, you don’t want to be a city that’s been marked with losing two franchises."

Another Game Preview | Bleacher Report

The Rams get a little more love in the article than they do from the other 'experts' at Bleacher Report or Pro Football Focus.